With part of the funds raised will be formed Emergency bear rescue squad.


The conservation organization WWF (World Wide Fund) launches a donation campaign dedicated to brown bears in Bulgaria. A study by the Ministry of Environment and Water showed that the only declining population of the species in Europe is in Bulgaria. The data show that the number of brown bears has almost halved in the last ten years.


The brown bear is included as a priority species in the Red Book of the Republic of Bulgaria. It is also included in the Priority List of Species and Strictly Protected Species under the Biodiversity Act, and its illegal killing is treated as a crime under the Criminal Code. Said the CEO of WWF Bulgaria Veselina Kavrakova. - But this, alas, is not enough. The need for better law enforcement, better local governance and more human capacity targeting, as well as a better understanding of the importance of biodiversity and wildlife is highlighted.

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One of the main identified threats to the brown bear in Bulgaria is poaching - Every year about 100 bears fall victim to poaching. Among the key factors for this is the conflict between man and bear.


Brown bears are increasingly inclined to change their territorial scope due to negative human influence. Easy access to food sources due to improper waste disposal in villages is attractive to bears. - commented WWF bear expert Kostadin Valchev. - Once close to a settlement, bears are classified as "problematic". This increases the potential for human-bear conflict as well as the risk of poaching.


What is WWF planning?


WWF is working to create an expert program to stabilize bear populations. It includes conducting an in-depth study of the threats facing the species, as well as taking urgent measures to prevent conflict between humans and bears. A key point in the program is also the creation of Rescue bear detachment, which will move bears that have entered settlements and will rescue injured specimens. To carry out these activities, WWF will work side by side with experts from Balkans Wildlife Association and will rely on their many years of experience in conserving bears.


Anyone can join the initiative and help conserve this endangered species by visiting the special page of WWF wwf.bg/коледа and become the protector of the bear. 

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