Let's turn off the lights on Saturday at exactly 20:30 as a sign of solidarity with nature


From Brazil to Nepal and from the island of Madagascar to Europe, the world is preparing to celebrate Earth time. Traditionally, every last Saturday in March at exactly 20:30, millions of people from all continents will turn off the lights in their homes for an hour, becoming part of the most recognizable environmental initiative on the planet. In the context of the pandemic and the anti-epidemic measures imposed, this year more than 7000 cities in 180 countries will welcome the holiday of nature with a number of digital events.

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"The need to be united and to protect our planet has never been so urgent. It is nature that sustains life on Earth, providing us with clean air, water, food, and raw materials for medicine and energy. Today we have the opportunity to show our concern for her. So let's join the online edition of Earth Hour online and give a clear signal that our planet is valuable to us. ", called Veselina Kavrakova, Executive Director of WWF Bulgaria.


The environmental organization WWF Bulgaria has prepared a special program for Earth Hour this year as well. We will start Saturday with movement through yoga practice, symbolically dedicated to the five elements - earth, water, fire, air and space. Exactly at 10:00 our guest instructor Albena Yurukova will take us to the world of yoga and tell us how important it is to be in balance with ourselves and the nature around us.

The culmination of Earth Hour, as every year, will be at 20.30 With the lights off, our virtual show begins, dedicated to protecting the planet and the colorful wildlife that inhabits it. Charge your laptop batteries well and sit comfortably at home, because we have something to show you. The unique comedian Niki Stanoev will be the host of our concert: Earth Hour - Get involved wherever you are!, in which the performers Elena Sirakova, Kerana and the cosmonauts, RDMK, Paraglider, Magi Aleksieva - MEY, BunyVerse & Strela will take part, and the great choreographer and director Kosta Karakashyan will join from distant Egypt with a special dance performance. We could not organize this event without the special screenwriting support in the person of Zdrava Kamenova and Svetoslav Tomov.


All events will be broadcast on WWF Facebook page Bulgaria.

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