"UVC / Ultraviolet Catastrophe" by Polo Okone, Miroslava Zahova and Silvia Borisova recreates their concept of absent art forms and hyperobjects, which are becoming the axis of modern and contemporary art. A project that embodies many years of creative, scientific and philosophical research through a unit left aside from the body of the institutional - Suprematism. The dreamed hyperobjects in the universal human existential discourse are undoubtedly always marked by the borderline phenomena of darkness, silence, the highest part of the electromagnetic spectrum, ultraviolet, extra-things, transcendental forms, catastrophe, confrontation, metaphor обаче Language and language language of nature.

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Such is the stake of the exhibition-installation, but also of the seminar on "Color instead of narrative", which will be held on one of the exhibition days.


The project will open on September 3, 2020 (Thursday), from 18.00. On the same day, at 18.30 pm, the premiere of the performance "Black Square Apple" will take place.


And the finish on September 9, 2020, at 17.30 pm, challenges everyone to an existential discourse - a three-hour silence.


Admission to the events is free.


Keep an eye out for changes in dates and times.

(Poullo Oconne, whose real name is Kaloyan Dimitrov) is a multi-genre artist-conceptualist. He has realized numerous exhibitions, philosophical actions, happenings and performances. He has worked with a number of artists, dancers, philosophers in various open conceptual projects, one of the creators of "Meta-I-Tale". Physicist by education, brings the modern and the contemporary in his scientific and artistic activity. He graduated from the Faculty of Physics at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”. He deals with philosophy, psychology, performance, and currently works as an IT specialist. 


Silvia Borisova is a senior assistant in aesthetics at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology - BAS and one of the co-authors of "Meta-I-Tale" - happening in the common language. Her main interests are in the field of modern and negative aesthetics, philosophy of perception, philosophy and aesthetics of the body, minimalism and conceptualism in art.


Miroslav Zakhov graduated from NBU (2012-2016), majoring in Dance Theater and the National School of Dance Arts (2007-2012), majoring in Modern Dance. Among the performances with her participation are: "Medea"; Salome; "Figure sedens"; "Requiem for two foxes and one piano" by Miroslav Yordanov; "Ownership" with Yanko Velev - Yanets; "History of Yesterday" by Galina Borisova; "My Life! To have a left thumb ”(NBU); "Madame Kiflá" (author's performance); "Meta-I-Tale. Flight 2.0 Chimera ”(co-author with Polo Okone and Silvia Borisova), Meta-I-Tale. Rain on the Moon ”(co-author with Polo Okone and Silvia Borisova) and others.

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