Irina Ivanov's first solo exhibition - IrrA presents the desert world at one of the most popular festivals in the world - Burning Man

One of the world's most popular Burning Man music festivals is hosted by CO-OP through the photos of the young Bulgarian Irina Ivanov - IrrA. Between January 9 and January 12, she presents her first solo exhibition - The Happiness Machine, which features interesting personalities, magical locations and, above all, an artistic glimpse of the dusty desert world of Burning Man. It is a one-week cultural festival that has been held annually around Labor Day in the United States since 1986 and gathers over 70 people who form a kind of utopian society.

The Happiness Machine is a project dedicated to man, his happiness and freedom, but also to the various dimensions of his ability to express himself. "The association with a machine is not accidental, not because it was artificially created, but because this machine has its own laws and goals. It feeds on the Nevada desert and human dreams. There are different ways to challenge ourselves, but if we are in the mood for creativity and no circumstances can make us hesitate, ”says IrrA.

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Irina Ivanov - IrrA began her career as a photographer 10 years ago, shooting models. He completed his undergraduate degree at NATFIZ, then specialized in film directing and production at the London Film Academy. Today he works as an operator and lives in Los Angeles. He travels between America, Bulgaria and England, shooting mostly commercials, music videos and fashion shoots. Currently, IrrA is in the process of setting up its own production company, which is based on the function of the artist and the role of the artist, to make creative contacts and provide access to ideas that are consistent with the logic of the market and the whim of commercial needs.


To find out more about the "machine of happiness," how it works, and whether it's easier to be happy, come on Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 19:30 pm to immerse yourself in " KO-OP, IrrA and Dj Sillia, in the atmosphere of one of the most attractive and popular festivals in the world - Burning Man.

Irina Ivanov - IrrA


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