Sarah Jane Adams is a designer, antique jewelry merchant, model and passionate traveler. Extremely energetic and constantly looking for contacts and new experiences, it is proof that even beyond the age of 60, one can feel comfortable in their skin.

Sarah adores the colors, she has no black clothes in her wardrobe, and this becomes a philosophy of her life - to capture the color shades of every age. Standing in front of the lens, it shows us that the style of clothing is independent of age. And we must not let society and stereotypes dictate the way we feel, think and dress. Frames are for pictures, not people. Indeed, it does not fit in any way. Because spirit and thought cannot be restricted. The body is a home to look after, filling it with only a positive atmosphere. And to love him, regardless of the changes that accompany each age. Even at this age, Sarah still feels the same, unchanged, young - eager to learn more, to experience, to feel and to embrace. According to her, if you put all your energy into what you do, she will come back to you.


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