A spruce is one that you would draw when you think of a conifers. Its correct crown is conical, narrow and low. Now, like Alice in Wonderland, dive below into the text about the Spruce - Aristocrat. Don't forget the nobles! Desires and events must be anticipated. Even before the rumor spread about the interviews with oak и с beech, and the spruce felt neglected, the latter was most politely invited to share his views in a personal interview.

Please tell our readers what are the benefits of an evergreen tree? And what are the benefits of being a coniferous tree?

First, I want to make some clarifications. Evergreen trees are mostly conifers and part of deciduous trees. In practice, the term "evergreen tree" is a conventional one. My needles don't live forever. They change in stages and that's why I always have them. A single needle can last up to 10 years. Evergreen trees in cold geographical zones are the ones that breathe life into the landscape in winter. As a coniferous tree, I will say that we are an older form of life than deciduous trees. The conifers are the ancestors that inhabited the longitude and breadth of the earth, along with the dinosaurs during the Mesozoic era. Nowadays, we are more sensitive to air pollution.

How and why did you become the face of the European Christmas?

In order to choose you, they must first know you. I am well known because I am widespread in Europe. I am also decorative in the winter, and this is crucial when it comes to winter holidays. I am the only representative in the Smurch family.

And you smell the winter, at Christmas…

Everyone knows and loves my citrus scent. My needles are phytoncidally active. They contain large amounts of volatile substances, Vitamin K and C.

But the gossip…

A feature that sets me apart from the tree.

Can you summarize how you can easily distinguish between fir and pine? What is your inseparable posture?

Most often I am confused with pine, though in reality we are not alike. I have more to do with fir. To distinguish me from afar, look for my "pop sleeves". These are slightly drooping lower branches that stand at the end and give me a more artistic look. Another sign is the hanging cones. For comparison, fir cones stand up like candles. The wrinkle is radically different. It has an irregular, highly protruding crown and self-sharpening branches.

Do you feel offended when you are called pine?

No. I feel a little sorry for the people who make no difference. In fact, for the uninitiated, the word pine is a collective word for conifers.

What is the feeling of looking down on the world? "Excelsa" in Latin means "high", right?

Yes. My species (Picea excelsa) forms the upper and northern boundaries of the forest. Bulgaria is far from the northern border, so on its territory I climb high in the mountain, and above me there are only some pines, squats and… the sky.

At the same time, you are known to suffer from wind chills. How do you deal with the higher winds on the peaks?

To some extent, the rooting of my prone branches gives additional emphasis. On the other hand, shade-tolerant species like me can grow in more wind-sheltered areas.

We understand that you are an Interception Champion. This "sport" sounds mysterious.

Interception is the ability of plants to retain a fraction of their rainfall with their aboveground parts. In this way they protect the soil. Protect it from erosion. It turns out that I can handle this task best. This is due to the greater adhesion of water to my conifer because of their smaller size and also to the fact that I am an evergreen species.

Thank you so much for this conversation! I hope our readers will find it useful!

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