80 participants took part in the competition for ideas in the second hackathon of the youth innovation program


The second hackathon of the youth innovation program took place on April 16-18, 2021 Panda Labswhich is organized by WWF Bulgaria. The topic was The future of food and in it dozens of young people from all over the country, with the support of representatives of science, business and the NGO sector, sought options for sustainable and environmentally friendly production and supply of food. 


After a difficult selection, 80 people were approved to participate in the hackathon among nearly 170 team and individual applications.


Panda Labs is a global innovation platform for solving some of the most pressing problems worldwide, in collaboration with influential partners from the business, scientific and non-governmental sectors.


The main characters in the program are young people between the ages of 15 and 25 with an affinity for science, technology, innovation or entrepreneurship. They work in teams of 3 to 5 people according to the "design thinking" methodology, which encourages the generation of non-standard and alternative solutions.

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And this hackathon offered young people a stellar participation of lecturers from the world of science and business. Together, they addressed the topic of the "future of food" with a focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly production, reducing food waste, healthy eating and more.

WWF supporters from the environmental association "For the Earth" introduced the young people to the topic, then the creators of Center for Applied Research and Innovation in Natural Sciences (CASI) they were told how important good synchronization between science and business is for creating food innovation.


Representative Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technology revealed secrets from the astronauts' menu, and then about successful examples from Bulgarian startup companies for the production of food from insects, as well as for the reduction of food waste through a mobile application.


Some of the speakers told more about the development of entrepreneurship in Bulgaria and shared with young people their personal experience and what it means to be a successful innovator.

The winning teams, which offered the most impressive and innovative solutions, were given the opportunity to go to a master class where they could further develop their idea for a product or service with a business plan and support from mentors. The best idea got the chance to become a successful startup and to be supported by initial funding of BGN 10 to create a prototype.


At the end of April, the application platform for the next semester "The Future of Mobility" will be launched in June and July this year.


More information about the Panda Labs program you can find here.

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