One day outside the matrix with music by KAN WAKAN, GEORGE COSBY, IVO DIMCHEV, ALEXANDER VINCENT and more.

OUTLIER MUSIC FEST will collect for the first time names from the California, British and native music scene on September 15 in the Monkey Garden, Boris Garden.

The mini-festival is an idea of Georgi Linev - composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, born in Bulgaria and based in LA, known by his artistic name Kan Wakan. OUTLIER Fest is the special event for the premiere of the all-new, second album of the project. Phantasmagoria Vol. 1 will be released globally on 31 on August, part of a trilogy and again include great collaborations and guests, as well as the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra.
Special guests of the event will be artists such as George Cosby (UK), Alexander Vincent (CAN) and Rachel Fannan (US). Some of the most original actors from the Bulgarian alternative scene will also become part of the festival, such as Ivo Dimchev, Les Animaux Savages and Dead Man's Hat.

Doors open at 15: 30, start: 16: 00 hours.

More about the artists of Outlier Music Festival

Kan Wakan's debut album, Moving On, was released in the United States in 2014, released by UMG's Verve Records and Virgin EMI and reached number 37 on the Billboard Heatseeker Albums and entered CMJ's Top 50 Albums of the Year. The album has nearly 2 million streams on digital content platforms and has been featured in media reviews such as Rolling Stone and The Independent UK, and Linev has been hailed by critics as one of Elle's "Top 10 Young Authors". Hey, along with names like Frank Ocean and Miguel.

Linev's creative biography includes music for the 5 season trailer on the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones". He also composes the music for the movie Dead Draw, which is currently airing globally on Showtime. The Bulgarian has played live with names like Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood and The Internet. He has also produced music for Moses Sumney's "Lamentations EP" and "Aromantism" albums, a title that has been featured in numerous world charts for Best Albums of the Year (2017). One of the pieces produced by Linev, included in both editions, is with the participation of Thundercat - Lonely World, which is featured by the influential Pitchfork Magazine in their Top 100 for 2016. Linev also produced Ivo Dimchev's latest album - Sculptures "Has worked on tracks for both George Cosby and Rachel Fannan31 August 2018 Global Digitally Releases Second Project Album. Phantasmagoria Vol. 1 Designed as part of a trilogy, it includes collaborations and guests including jazz singer Elle Olsun, Ian Chang (Son Lux) and Gene Coye (Flying Lotus).

Mega talented vocal and highly poetic in his lyrics, a representative on the London stage who has been involved in music since he was a little boy. His rich, dense voice penetrates other levels of influence, and combined with his super-pleasing stage presence, his live performances are a real feast under the sky.

An avant-garde performance artist who knows no taboos and boundaries. One of the most convertible contemporary Bulgarian cultural products, no doubt. Known on the European stage, especially for his performances, where he mixes play, dance, music and theater, experimenting to the fullest with the capabilities of his own body, as a manifestation of freedom.

On your latest studio album Sculptures works with Georgi Linev from Kan Wakan. The production premiered in Bulgaria in 2017, followed by concerts in Europe and the US.

Electro / Minimal / Wave / Post Punk Project, behind which are three of the most original personalities in the Sofia music scene - Sybila Serafim, Nasso Ruskov and Ivaylo Stoyadinov - Charlie.

Sybila Seraphim is an actress, singer and pianist who has participated in many theater, film and music projects. The other two are known from the cult rock and roll group Babyface Clanas well as by "Imbeciles & the Poison Umbrella"who have met the approval of artists such as: Stereo MC's, Asian Dub Foundation, Molotov and Placebo. At the beginning of the 2016 year is coming out Oberlicht, the debut album of Les Animaux Sauvages, featuring stylish artwork and compositions in English, French and German.

His musical journey takes him from his native Toronto to Los Angeles, where he currently works as an electronic music producer. Fans may also know him as part of the band "Magic!". After making some inroads into the world of pop music, with her debut solo album, she returns to her electronic roots to deliver a solid chunk of emotional, impactful sound.

The band has a recognizable sound of their own, thanks to the compositions of the front lady Raja Fayez and the use of custom instruments such as cello and analog synth. Their style is indie with elements of American folk and French electro. In March, 2016 released their first acoustic single After Midnight, which goes up to #1 in the BNT rankings "BG TOP 40" in one week. At the end of 2016 they were part of a total tour in Germany with "Remains" and "Jeremy?". Their latest video for the piece Little Cars was directed by Rushi.

Rachel Fannon is a singer and songwriter from LA. Fans also know her as the band's vocalist Only You, and before that as part of Sleepy Sun from San Francisco. There are collaborations with the British trip hop duo "UNKLE" (hear it on Sunday Song, part of UNKLE's album Where Did the Night Fall - Another Night Out) and progressive band Anywhere. As a solo artist she has shared a stage with names such as Hunter Bergan (AFI) and Carla Azar (Autolux), releasing the album Birds Fled From Me.
In 2012 version of the song Beautiful Dreamer with her vocals, she was selected as a Canon advertiser who, in addition to becoming super popular, also won an EMI award.

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