The performance BISON will be presented on June 5 at the House of Culture "Boris Hristov"


The BISON show of one of the most prominent Portuguese talents Marco da Silva Ferreira will close ONE DANCE WEEK 2022 on June 5, from 18:00, in the House of Culture "Boris Hristov". Along with Amala Dianor, whose performance SIGIFEN opened the festival, Marco da Silva Ferreira is one of the artists supported by the Big Pulse Dance Alliance *, and his next performance CARCASS, co-produced by ONE DANCE WEEK, will be one of the big highlights of the spring edition of the festival in 2023.


Watch the trailer of the show here…



Under the apparent calm, a revolution rises and the beast's paws open for a hug. As in nature bison, these symbols of brute force, under their thick skin are not scarecrows but easy prey, so on stage stereotypes are blurred to new meanings and forms, revealing another inner strength under the layers of expectations.


Portuguese choreographer Marco da Silva Ferreira greets audiences with rude emotional cyborgs who are incapable of simply existing. They know how to feel the fine strings of touch with their muscular bodies, to clearly recognize odors, to see with an eagle's eye, to be subject to the magic of emotions.


We all suffer and fear, we all want to be wanted and loved, to fit in somewhere, to belong, but we find ourselves locked behind the armor of isolation, trapped in the boxes of self-determination. In the cycle of the show BUFFALO hysteria and melancholy collide, life is a waltz, and dance exists to engage us all in tango. A constant pulse sets the tempo under the echo of the melodies of what is hidden in us. The floor fades to make room for a raw, fragile and beautiful existence.


One of Portugal's most prominent talents, known for his interweaving of hip-hop, street and urban dances and themes in the contemporary performing arts, this time Marco da Silva Ferreira is looking for what sensitivity to create on stage today. What sensitivity do we need? How far does the intimate space extend? How to make art if it is more and more difficult for you to understand each other?

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Born in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, Marco began his career in dance in 2004. He is currently working with dance companies, including the Companhia de Dança do Norte, Tok'art (MADE IN TIME, 2011, and YOU NEVER KNOW HOW THINGS ARE GOING TO COME TOGETHER, 2012), and Instável (FUGA SEM FIM, 2011).


In 2012 he participated as a performer in the projects of choreographers and composers such as Hofes Schechter - Shelters, Elizabeth Lambeck - XIT 211-A; Sylvia Reimer - Anatomization in CCB boxnova; Victor Hugo Pontes - Rendez-vous and A strange land. In 2009, Marco won first place on the Eurobattle platform in the New Style category, as well as the TV show You Think You Can Dance in Portugal.


The premiere of his first solo choreographer - NEVOEIRO 21 - took place at the Campo Alegre Theater in Porto in 2012. The play was presented at the Solos Festival (Lisbon, Evora and Torres Vedras), as well as at the Mais Imaginarius International Street Theater Festival 2012 in Santa Maria da Feira.

The following year, as part of the Mais Imaginarius 2013, Marco presented the award-winning site-specific solo show RÉPLICA… ÉPLICA… ÉPLICA. In June of the same year, he created the work AILHA together with Victor Hugo Pontes within the creative residence of the 37.25-Núcleo de artes performativas and Walk & talk Azores festival.


The next show, co-authored with Mara Andrade, is called THROUGH MY FAULT, THROUGH MY FAULT, THROUGH MY MOST GRIEVOUS FAULT and was presented at the Palcos Instáveis ​​in October 2013 and the contemporary dance festival GUIdance 2014.


LAND (E) SCAPE (2014), a multidisciplinary collaboration with a visual artist and sound installation, was presented at the Imaginarius International Festival, and with HU (R) MANO Marco da Silva Ferreira was chosen to represent Portuguese young artists and became part of the selection on Aerowaves Twenty15. He works as an assistant choreographer in the play Hamlet (2014) by Mala Voadora and in Veraneantes (2017) by Nuno Cardoso. Also, Marco is an artistic assistant to Victor Hugo Pontes in the productions Se alguma vez precisares da minha vida, vem e toma-a and Carnaval (both in 2016).


In the performance BROTHER (2016) the author's discourse crystallizes about the meanings and meaning of dance in modern times, about creating connections to the origin of dance and drawing a new line from the modern body. After its premiere at the Rivoli Municipal Theater in Porto, the play travels around the country and abroad, being selected as part of the 2018 Aerowaves Priority Companies selection.


With BISONTE (2019) Ferreira puts his artistic handwriting in an artificial wandering between hysteria and melancholy. Between 2018 and 2019, Marco is an associate artist at the Municipal Theater of Porto, and between 2019 and 2021 - at the Center chorégraphique National de Caen in Normandy. In 2020, he received an invitation to create a short production for the National Ballet Troupe, entitled CORPOS DE BAILE. The performance SIRI (2021) continues the collaboration of the choreographer with the director Jorge Giacome, after the two created the production ÍRIS (2015) - a look at the limitations of time through images, visual construction and the discourse of memory.


For several months now, Marco has been working on his latest stage production with the working title CARCASS - a production of the Big Pulse Dance Alliance, co-produced by ONE DANCE WEEK. More information coming soon.

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