We are Velina and Ralitsa, high school classmates. The distance Sofia - New York failed to divide, and even united us around a common interest, which we turned into a business. We have both always been excited about cosmetics and in particular the Bulgarian one.


Some time ago we noticed that new and new manufacturers are emerging, which, in addition to relying on quality, are also trying to change the abandoned vision of Bulgarian cosmetic brands. We started comparing them with international brands and came to the conclusion that we are not inferior to them. We have discussed importing cosmetics in Bulgaria, which is at a high level, but is not offered here. We realized that the best option is to introduce America to our cosmetics, traditions that we have for hundreds of years.

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Since each of us is engaged in something radically different, such as a professional career, we needed a little time, an average amount of mistakes and a lot of support from people with experience in the field. We quickly chose the first brands we wanted to introduce to the American market and fortunately all their creators embraced the idea. This was the start of our new endeavor.


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Less than a year later we have a fully functioning online store for Bulgarian cosmetics in America - Naked Feels. The name comes from the idea that good cosmetics make you feel calm and good in your skin, which means that you do not feel it (neither dry nor greasy), just feel comfortable in your nakedness. Naked Feels unites Bulgarian brands such as My Lavanda, I / TEMS, Bul Innovation, Handmaids, Shulka. These are small brands created by friends and families with a lot of love, desire and diligence. Each of them produces pure, vegan cosmetics or wellness products, with respect to nature, animals and especially the end user.


© 2021 Tina Boyadjieva


The purpose of Naked Feels is to become a hub of quality Bulgarian cosmetics and home products, and of course to conquer the American market. Each cosmetic line has been tested by both of us and has received our approval as customers. We want to support the Bulgarian, as well as the small business, which is often made with much greater desire and this is evident in the final product.        

© 2021 Tina Boyadjieva

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