A review of Bulgarian design, Drawn Constitution and Test Press will start this week

A few days remain until the start of the hybrid edition of the only native design festival Melba Sofia Design Festival 2020. Except the one-day international symposium MELBA International Symposium 2020on November 7, featuring remarkable and current names in the world of product, digital and graphicsеn design, part of the festival are three interesting exhibitions, which open this week in Sofia.


Review of Bulgarian design


Studio Studiopresents the traditional exhibition "Review of Bulgarian design. For the third year she collects and shows in one place the achievements and good ideas of Bulgarian designers, teams and agencies from the past year in various categories: graphic design, branding and identity, product design, ceramics, interactive design, illustration, animation, fashion and textiles, social design and others. There are ten participants this year and their projects are distinguished not only by innovation and meaning, but also by comprehensiveness and concrete realization of the achievements, which positively change the visual environment and contribute to a better quality of life. They are Miss me today ?, Fine Acts, DiFold, Stiliyana Minkovska, Pottery and Poetry, Kool and Konscious, Kiril Zlatkov, Oblik, Elia Nedkov and Radoslava Boor.


exhibition review of Bulgarian design

This year's "Review of Bulgarian Design" is focused on the topic "New models of everyday life". The exhibition, exhibited at the Credo Bonum Gallery from 5 to 15 November, presents some of the participants in the initiative of the same name launched at the end of the quarantine spring. "Studio Set". The solutions presented to specific problems or beautiful ideas to brighten the day are the real proof of the fantastic forces of work and creativity of designers.

Drawn constitution


Part of the festival program is the exhibition "Drawn constitution "in the Czech center in Sofia. The constitution of a state is traditionally perceived as a dry, serious and respectful document that defines the relations between the state and its citizens. It is usually a heavy book in small print and complex terminology, but not the illustrated constitutions of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, which are the subject of the exhibition "Drawn constitution ”in the Czech center(November 7-30, excluding Saturdays and Sundays). It presents the successful experience of young visual artists, who only through the simple gesture of enlarged letters and the addition of illustrations, give a more humane, understandable and usable content.


exhibition painted Constitution



"Test Press" is a presentation exhibition of student publications from the archive of designer, collector and teacher Hank Gronendike. All publications have been created by students at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam for the past 20 years. They were collected by Hank as an additional project to many years of teaching, in his desire to find a balance between the thin line that divides the classroom and life beyond education. They illustrate the transition from what was known as Dutch design in the late 90s to a more international and open trend that is no longer subject to a national style.

exhibition Melba Test Press

# newsletter

# cinema

The archive consists of almost 500 editions (often unique or produced in very small editions) and shows visually different methods, aesthetic values ​​and themes that are developed through language, typography and contemporary visual culture. For the exhibition Riet Wijnen (artist and curator), Lies Ros (former member of the design studio "Wild Plakken"), "Åbäke" (design team, London / Paris), Kate Banar & Orin Bristow (graduates of KABK, The Hague and Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam) were invited to make a selection from the archive, each offering an individual approach and perspective to the archive with a new reading of a canon. The exhibitionis at the Goethe Institute from November 5 to 27.


All exhibitions are free and the organizers and locations invite the public to observe all necessary anti-epidemiological safety measures.

We remind you that MELBA SOFIA DESIGN FESTIVAL 2020 comes with a dreamtime of interesting, popular and iconic figures from the world design scene. The one-day international symposium MELBA International Symposium 2020, the heart of the festival, will be held on November 7 and tickets for it are sold online at epay.go.

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