The first meeting of the series of design lectures of the studio "Set" - LIVE MELBA for 2021 is a special issue with the participation of the popular editor and critic on the topics of design and architecture of the renowned magazine "MONOCLE" - Nolan Giles. Exclusively for MELBA # 13, he will talk about the constant influence and transformative power of design in life, will analyze the most interesting processes of the past year and will outline the expected trends in these areas in 2021.


The editor at MONOCLE will share his personal experience of the ideas, details and principles behind his work in the selection of topics in the magazine - a symbol of sustainable, first-class and profitable journalism.


The main character of MELBA # 13 is also the host of the impeccably curated radio show "MONOCLE ON DESIGN". The show for the design he produced Nolan Giles, is focused on everything important from the world of design - from furniture and fashion, through crafts, to architecture. "MONOCLE ON DESIGN" reflects fresh stories, new discoveries and trends, and all current world design news.

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The mission of Komplekt Studio is through MELBA to acquaint the audience with people who are dedicated to the research, creation and promotion of original and valuable projects in the field of design. The past year has been challenging and atypical, provoking everyone's adaptability and originality. In 2020, the team of the Komplekt studio not only managed to realize three exciting editions of the MELBA LIVE format (recordings from them can be seen here), but also successfully realized the only native design festival Melba Sofia Design Festival 2020 but also to step firmly in a digital environment.


The online meeting MELBA LIVE # 13 with Nolan Giles will take place on the Zoom platform on January 28 (Thursday), at 19:00. It is freely accessible via this link and takes place in partnership with Fashion Days, an inspiration and shopping destination for all lovers of fashion and good style. 


It is only needed pre-registration, thanks to which the subscribers will receive a reminder before the start of the digital forum. The Zoom application allows the audience to become an active part of the MELBA lectures - with live comments or questions to the guest. The meeting with Nolan Giles will be entirely in English. 

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