Alexandra Georgieva and Miroslav Zhivkov merge their artistic styles in a joint exhibition and zin

Between October 8 and 18, KO-OP presents the exhibition It's Not FUNNY. It is the result of the creative process between two artists and their painting styles. The illustrator Alexandra @ sa6ettu and the experimenter with different techniques Miroslav Zhivkov @dzhingibi merge their, at first glance visually different, artistic approaches and ways of expression, in a common style in the form of a printed edition. The official opening of the exhibition is on October 8 at 19.00 in "KO-OP" (17 Yanko Sakazov Blvd.).   


The main goal of "It's not FUNNY" is the experiment of the primary free drawing, the mixing of different media and techniques, the game with shapes, lines and complex compositions. The main object of the exhibition is the precisely made, with printing equipment risograph and screen printing, independent edition - zin. The book contains over 60 pages of riso-printed illustrations, with a two-color screen printing cover and a two-color screen printing - size A3, in an extremely limited series of 40 copies. Everything handmade in "NoPoint Atelier".

"NoPoint Atelier" is a shared studio and residence, with a main focus on printing techniques - screen printing and risograph, located in the heart of Bulgaria. The studio is located in a small village in the Balkan Mountains, above the town of Gabrovo, and its main purpose is to provide artists with a special and creative space for work, creativity and experiments.

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"I like absurd things and funny faces!" Is the artistic motto of Alexandra Georgieva, better known as @ sa6ettu on social networks. As a visual artist, tattoo artist and freelance illustrator, with an affinity for various types of art, he works on various projects, participates in numerous group exhibitions, some of which: 2019 - TI-RE - platform for art books, 2019 - "Pass The Ammo # 3" pop-up exhibition of "Fine acts" - a global platform for socially engaged art, 2019 - Review of Bulgarian design Melba Festival, ART START - young artists to follow in 2020, "Little Bird residency" / "Little bird gallery" 2020 and others. The main focus of her work is irony and sarcasm, visualizing it in the form of various artistic techniques - painting, graphics, textiles, screen printing and more. It focuses mostly on the book, in particular Zina, as an object and conductor of her artistic ideas.

In 2016, Miroslav Zhivkov graduated from the National Academy of Arts - Sofia, majoring in "Poster and Visual Communication". He is currently actively working on the development of an art residence in the village of Balani, Gabrovo region, where he exchanges artists in an alternative place for creation. The main profile of the studio is screen printing and risography. "I paint mainly in monochrome, constantly experimenting with different media, tools and graphic techniques - screen printing, risography, different techniques for monotypes. I try to use as few familiar images and elements as possible that are clearly and precisely associated with something. I want it to work with its composition, swing, line, spot, etc. "- says Miroslav Zhivkov. His previous exhibitions are: "Define The line" in "INTRO" - 2018 and "IT'S OKAY" in "KO-OP" - 2019.


Given the situation with Covid-19, all necessary security measures will be taken during the exhibition. Only a certain number of people will be allowed in the gallery at a time, and their number will be in accordance with the size of the space and the recommendations for keeping a social distance.

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