Breakin 'Mozart World Show Comes To Us!

On November 20, NPC's 1 Hall welcomes the Breakin 'Mozart World Show - an amazing synergy of classical music, spectacular breakdancing routines and innovative choreography.

The multimedia dance performance meets Mozart with a breakdance and combines the modern elements of urban culture with the elegance of classical music.

The original production was born on the idea of ​​the German conductor and director Christoph Hagel and the Dancefloor Destruction Crew dance school at the Würzburg Mozart Festival in 2013 and has since captivated audiences across Europe from the very first chord and movement. The talented breakers manage to interpret the music of the Austrian prodigy very attractively through their dances. Breakin 'Mozart demonstrates that Mozart's works can sound modern - Funk, Rock'n'roll, even Techno. And in the role of Queen of the Night of "The Magic Flute" translates colorful American soprano Darlene Ann Dobisch. The result is an attractive harmonic magic of sound and vision on a stage in which acrobatic movements are not intrinsic but show a deep understanding of the concepts in Mozart's music by the breakers.

Christoph Hagel

The renowned conductor, pianist and opera director Christoph Hagel lives and works in Berlin. He recognizes his teachers as Leonard Bernstein and Sergio Chelibidake. He is loved equally by the audience and the critics, and possesses the melody of classical music to perfection. There are always some non-standard elements in his focus concerts, which make them both a little provocative and a little unexpected. In 1997, for example, he placed the opera Don Juan in an unsuspecting location - at Berlin's E-Werk Techno Club. Next year, he places Mozart's Magic Flute in the subway under the Bundestag, earning him instant worldwide fame! Hagel always wants to be a conductor and director of his large-scale productions, and they already have the status of institutions in the cultural life of Berlin. Meanwhile, Hagel takes the time to produce new musicals with children and young talents.

He has received the ECHO Classic Award from 2000 for his production of Flying Bach, with which he also visited Bulgaria last year. This is his first crossover project between classical music and breakdancing to sell theaters, operas and concert halls around the world.

Dancefloor Destruction Crew are arguably Germany's most successful break dancers, but the DDC brand is already well known worldwide. Their striking style and skills have twice earned them the top spot in the Breakdance World Champion. In 2013, the troupe received the prestigious "European Dance Award" for the best dance combination. Since its inception, DDC dancers have become a sensation because of their original and bold choreography and stable discipline, and have been featured in many worldwide television and film productions.

DDC's involvement in Breakin 'Mozart is as important as Hagel's - the dancers are working hard to create the choreography and overall concept of the show. They are responsible for various elements - from visual, audio and digital effects to advertising the show.

On the event page at Facebook you can find up-to-date information on the concert and how to buy tickets.

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