In their fifth single, the alternative rock band sorts out harsh truths with perfectly polished details and an emotional scale beyond the music. 


"Don't Hate Me" is a song about pure energy, love and aspiration, crushed mercilessly and with perseverance, often by loved ones. Her video - produced, filmed, edited and conceived by the members of the group, can now be seen in the official YouTube channel of ALI. The main characters in the overall visual concept of the video for "Don't Hate Me" are the children of the artists. 

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"Don't Hate Me" comes out in a shocking and frightening period for the world, but it is not a negative or anti-war song. This is a song against violence in all its dimensions. The author of the music and lyrics, Ali Abdallah, says that "Don't Hate Me It is provoked to a large extent by real human destinies - of supposedly absolutely happy and satisfied with life people who bear in their personal history the marks of physical or emotional violence.  

On the 13th of April ALI will play live in the club "Terminal 1" in Sofia as special guests in concert-promotion for the debut album of "Me and My Devil" - another group from the independent association of alternative musicians Projector Plus.

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