The secret of a beautiful vision lies in a healthy lifestyle, which includes less stress, healthy eating, the use of mostly natural beauty products and less often those created on the basis of chemistry. Every day, from various glamorous celebrity advertisements, we are convinced by how well-presented cosmetics are to the health and beautiful appearance, but the truth is that even they themselves do not rely as much on expensive brand creams, scrubs, masks and ointments as on home-made ones. remedies for the making, which use natural gifts that are pure and immensely effective.

Honey is recognized as one of the most useful natural products. Aside from its consumption enhances human immunity, its beneficial properties are far from stopping. Ancient Egyptians healed wounds and skin irritations with the help of honey. Honey has the ability to naturally soothe and heal injured skin. This is due to the nutrients and antioxidants contained in it, which absorb into the skin and accelerate the healing process, giving it freshness and softness. The presence of vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B3, D, E and K in the composition of honey builds a protective filter against skin-damaging radicals and helps the intensive formation of new cells. Honey is a source of Vitamin C, which explains its beneficial and anti-inflammatory action in treating dry skin and rashes. Another useful ingredient is zinc, which in combination with polyphenols slows the appearance of wrinkles. That is why honey plays an important role in beauty cosmetics. It is no coincidence that, through the glossy labels of many creams, manufacturers are focusing on the content of honey.

In which skin conditions does the honey mask have the best effect?


Unpleasant pimples aren't just about puberty. In some people, they also appear in later stages of their lives. Acne in adulthood can be a result of stress and nervous tension or prolonged illness that has led to a decrease in the body's immunity. Acne can be an indicator of hormonal imbalance. Through it, the body can signal an internal problem. It is not necessary to have acne just on the face. In some people, it also affects the skin on the back. Whatever causes the unpleasant pimples, a reliable cure against them may be masks and compresses with honey. They soothe reddened skin, erase scars, treat rashes and build skin immunity that prevents it from appearing further.

 Acne scars and dark spots

The honey mask, like most essential oils (tea tree oil, oregano oil, argan oil), has a strong antibacterial and healing effect when it comes to healing and erasing scarring, acne, and unpleasant dark spots on the skin. Honey ingredients can overall enhance the appearance, give a fresh and healthy complexion to the skin.

 Dry skin and wrinkles

Honey has a soothing and moisturizing effect and keeps the skin well hydrated, which significantly slows down the aging process and the appearance of new wrinkles. In dry skin, the risk of early aging and the appearance of wrinkles is higher than that of oily and combination skin. Therefore, the frequent application of a honey mask (at least once a week) is able to significantly enhance the protection of the skin and thus remain protected from external harmful effects for a long time. Applying a honey mask several times a week can lead to a permanent reduction in dryness. The honey mask is especially useful during the stages of the year when the skin of the face feels dry under the influence of the climate, such as in winter.

 What kind of honey is suitable for a mask?

Preferably, when preparing a face mask, raw raw honey is used. The honey sold in jars in supermarkets was subjected to too much processing, which largely took away from the effect of the ingredients. Therefore, look for raw untreated honey, especially when used for beauty purposes, because it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

 How to prepare a mask with honey?

 Ingredients Required:

 1-2 teaspoons raw honey

 The mask has a positive effect, both when made only with honey, and if, to personal preference, the mixture is supplemented with avocado pieces, aloe drops, tea tree oil, lemon juice, egg white, coconut oil or yogurt. Lemon juice refreshes and brightens the skin, yogurt whitens it, and tea tree oil has a deep cleansing effect and enhances the healing effect of traces of acne and other imperfections.


Apply to the skin of the face and let it stand for about 15-20 minutes. You can stay that way for even an hour if you wish, of course. Before washing the honey mask, add a little coconut oil on it and massage for a few seconds. This makes the skin moisturized and the mask easier to fall. Wash with lukewarm water.

 The newly cleaned skin is soft to the touch and pleasantly moisturized. The effect of the mask is felt instantly.


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