Remember the time when the beaches were clean and pristine, there were no establishments, huge hotels, and Sozopol was a small town, but it was enough for everyone? Today's hotels with 5 stars for Bulgarians were holiday homes and bungalows, without swimming pools, fitness and spa, but with a very cheerful company and always full of visitors.


The watermelon was cooling directly in the sea, the music did not sound from the system, but from the hearts… The evenings were long, romantic… The unforgettable hide-and-seek games, "folk ball" until midnight… Walk along the promenade for couples in love „


All this is a memory today! Protests for the conservation of the last wild corners of the Black Sea, unaffected by concrete and business, are a "voice in the desert". And as fewer and fewer people will remember what the home sea looked like, we invite you to take a look at these almost documentary footage from the "Golden Time" of Bulgarian cinema! Enjoy beautiful seascapes that can no longer be seen live - at least not in this species!


With Kids at Sea - 1972


One of the most memorable Bulgarian films, starring Peter Peichev, Ivaylo Dzhambazov, Emil Petrov and Krasimir Marianov. The action takes place in beautiful Nessebar, and the story is based on the relentless enthusiasm and imagination of a group of children who do not know fatigue when it comes to play. And like all children (from that time), they mix up unimaginable mischief and intrigue, and summer and the sea are ideal prerequisites for this. The beach and clear seawater are present in almost every second of the strip. If you, too, are thirsty for summer and the sea, but it's not time, this is the way to get them.

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Untitled Orchestra - 1982


"We stay, we stay…" - sings Margarita Hranova in one of the cult songs in this film. We stay at Golden Sands, but those whom Velko Kanev, Filip Trifonov, Pavel Popandov and Georgi Mamalev know. The plot tells the story of a group of musicians gathered by the ambition to break into the music world during the summer.


The initial idea was for the band to play at the Grand Hotel Varna. But it turns out that the connections of one of the musicians are not at such a high level - they are looking for them to work in the kitchen, not to entertain the guests. The band decided to look for another hotel to play… and the journey through the Bulgarian resorts could begin. Summer passes in search and suddenly it turns out that it is over and it is already autumn. But pleasant, and not so pleasant, memories remain, and in our country - a great mood and a lot of summer emotions.


Bash Master of the Sea - 1977


Who doesn't know Rangel - the master of the master? Who hasn't heard of him? And when he goes to sea with his wife and son, the work becomes serious. Seriously funny, of course! With stolen watermelons, after serious pursuit, car problems and being towed by a truck, they eventually reach Burgas, where a quick repair of the vehicle is required. With nothing to pay for the service, Rangel decides to smear the auto-tee room, which the victim leaves.


How? Remind yourself by watching the movie again. Laughter is guaranteed. It is interesting to see the Bulgarian roads and houses of that time. Notice the cleanliness, though without today's highways! This movie will show you how it used to go - much slower, but also much more fun.


Ropotamo Escape - 1973


A great musical by director Rangel Valchanov and the voice of Natalia Markova. After a successful concert, singer Lina Dimova goes to sea. There she pretends to be gone and lives in the small house of Bai Manol, by the Ropotamo River. On the opposite shore lives the sworn enemy of Manol - bye Spiro. He also decides to find a guest, the seafarer Jan Dobrovski. Newcomers fall in love, and the place is an excellent hiding place, convenient for their secret meetings. However, on the holiday of the wind, the two are recognized, Yan is forced to leave, and Lina is left alone on the beach.


The sea, dunes, yachting, romantic underwater swimming, lots of music and outdoor dancing will take you back in time, in a beautiful tale that can't happen today.


Vasco da Gamma from the village of Rupcha - 1986


This children's adventure series, according to the Book of the Mormarevi Brothers, will bring back to you the sense of humor and adventure spirit you had as a child. Views of the "wild" Varna Sea, incredible craziness, some morals and lots of visual information about life at that time await you. Maybe poor in material goods, but rich in experience and full of real friendships instead of virtual ones.


The Whale - 1970


The film does not have a very fate. It was filmed in 1967, but was delayed only in a few small cinemas heavily censored by the communist government. The tape is a caricature of the economic and social disadvantages of the country at the time, without bothering to point out the perpetrators of the situation.


In the 50 years, screenwriter Hristo Mihov was forced to live in Aytos, where his wife was assigned as a doctor. There, Hristo hears thousands of maritime stories, such as that of a trapped anchovy who boasts that he has caught mackerel. Word-of-mouth, the story changes and the fish build to a shark and even a whale. The story impresses the author and he writes the script for a future movie. It perfectly illustrates the time of socialism, when everything was as big as a whale, a lie. However, the sea and nature are real - no one can take us.


Time passes, but the sea remains and it will be beautiful and wild as long as there is anyone to love and care for it.

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