recipe: Nelly Chalakova 

Required dough products:

500 gr. Flour

300 ml. fresh milk (slightly warmed)

100 g cow's butter (melted)

100 c. Sugar

3 pcs. eggs (yolk only)

7 g dry May (or 20 g fresh May)

1 / 2 salt

1 tsp shredded lemon peel

1 piece. vanilla (a bag or 1 tsp of liquid vanilla)


Required products for stuffing:

200 g walnuts (beaten)

15 gr. cocoa

70 g powdered sugar

100 g dried fruit (optional)


Method of preparation:

There are two ways to prepare this weevil.

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Method 1: The dough is prepared in a bread machine. We first put the liquid products (milk, butter and yolks), add sugar, salt, grated lemon peel and vanilla. Lastly put the flour and sprinkle with the dry yeast. We include the machine in a dough program.


After the program is completed, we remove the dough and place it on a flour-covered surface. Mix for a few minutes, divide the dough into two pieces and roll into two rectangles (about 10 cm wide and 40 cm long). Divide the stuffing into two parts and sprinkle on the rectangles. Each of them is rolled up and then braided.


We put in a pre-oiled and sprinkled flour cupcake (or mold of your choice). Leave to boil, then spread with whipped protein and sprinkle with crystalline sugar. The boil is baked in a preheated to 275 F (135 C) oven for 70 - 75 minutes.


2nd way: Sift the flour into a deep saucepan, then add the salt, dried yeast, grated lemon peel and vanilla. In another pan, mix the warmed milk, the melted butter, the broken yolks and the sugar. We make a well in the flour, pour the liquid products and start kneading.


Once the products are completely absorbed and the dough ball is shaped, we begin to hit it on the counter (or table). To do this, mix your hands well with butter (or oil) and knead the dough in only one direction until a soft and elastic bubble dough is obtained. Leave it to boil until it doubles. Divide the finished dough into two pieces and shape into balls. If filling, roll into rectangles and spread with filling.


We roll the rectangles into a roll and twist it slightly to make sure that the filling will not come out. We knit the two rolls and put them in a pre-oiled and wrinkled shape, optional. The molded insect is allowed to boil once more. When ready to bake, smear it with broken protein and sprinkle with crystalline sugar. Bake in a preheated oven to 275 F (135 C) for about 70 - 75 minutes.


Bright Easter holidays!

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