The eternal dance of spirit and matter has not ceased to disturb man since time immemorial. The synthesis between the two is the basis of every religion and philosophy, be it Eastern or Western, ancient or modern. Our earthly deeds seem to be largely determined by whether we are more subject to spirit or matter, but the two concepts should not be in conflict, but, on the contrary, their synchronicity is what every seeker should strive for. to achieve peace within himself. The basis of many teachings is acceptance, not division, and man, even having already known the divine principle in himself, should not deny matter, but accept it as part of his essence and subordinate it to his divine purposes. Relying on this philosophy, the "3100 miles: Self-surpassing" race is being held for the 24th time in New York, where participants have 52 days to run 3100 miles (almost 5000 km). This is the longest certified race in the world, and The New York Times calls it "Everest among ultramarathons." He runs every day from 6 am to midnight, and the distance traveled per day is an average of 95 km.


The founder was Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), a philosopher, spiritual leader and peace fighter who came from India but developed his work in the United States. Throughout his earthly journey, he professed the philosophy of transcending himself, of overcoming personal limitations in order to elevate man to a higher level. It is this principle that underlies 3100 Miles: Self-Transcendence, where participants pursue only their own goals of overcoming the limits of matter at the expense of those of the spirit, which are infinite. At the end of the run there is no material reward, but the victory over oneself remains, because it is a race mainly with oneself. Sport is also seen here as a meditative practice based on ancient Eastern traditions, but presented in a modern form, so that even Western man can touch the wisdom of yogis and experience it in practice through this extreme test for physics.

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The Bulgarian Tsvetan Tsekov - Shopan is also present in the tape. He competed 8 times and completed the race 3 times successfully, and is also the youngest participant in "3100 miles: Self-surpassing" so far. He has dedicated his entire life to spiritual and sports practices, and shares his experience as a motivational speaker, giving seminars in Bulgaria, USA and Austria.


The competition strongly inspired director Sanjay Rowall, who made the documentary "3100: Running and Overcoming". The film was screened in 2019 as part of the International Film Festival of Red Cross and Health Films, which was then held for the 18th time in Varna, and won the award for best director. Sanjay Rowall himself attended the event and took part in a discussion after the screening.


The main narrative in the film is about the ultramarathon "3100 miles: Self-surpassing". Tracks the personal stories and the battle with oneself in the development of the competition of several of the participants. The central character is the Finn Ashprihanal Alto, who is a phenomenon in long-distance running. In 2019, he became the first (for the 9th time) of "3100 miles: Self-surpassing", and he finished 15 times. The peak of his marathon activity was in 2015, when he set a new world record of "3100". He finishes it in 40 days, 09:06:21, running 123.56 km per day.

The film also tells several accompanying stories, all united by running as a manifesto, as a pilgrimage, as a vital act. These are the stories of the Navajo Indian tribe, the Bushmen ethnic group from Africa, and the monks of Mount Hay in Japan. They have all mastered running as a form of survival and have woven it deep into their culture. Some have developed it from a personal goal to a collective act without which they would be wiped out. "3100: Running and Surpassing" is also characterized by skilful cinematography and artistic design, more characteristic of feature films than documentaries. The film also has an aesthetic effect, in addition to telling these stories of stoicism and strength of spirit. This is actually one of those films that has the power to inspire everyone because they are so universal, but at the same time specific in their message. The message that reaches the viewer is that you may not run, your field may be different, but the essence is to surpass yourself in whatever you do, because in this way you may satisfy an innate instinct to develop the Self intellectually, physical and spiritual level.

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