A handbag can always hold more. Why not, these extra things are for our best friend - Nature. She always carries us on her back. Are we ready to add weight to our bag in her favor?

+ 7 grams - a spoon

It is easy to assume that there are few people who always eat at home or in restaurants with unbreakable appliances. Eating out sometimes is just squatting on a bench with a delicious serving of a warm display at a hypermarket. For these and other cases we can use our own spoon. Yes, we have to keep it, wash it at home and put it back in place. However, we won't have to ask Google - "Is it dangerous to swallow a tooth with a plastic fork?" Eating comfort is not the least. The spoon is more versatile than the fork and we can handle almost any dish. The personal reusable spoon is an eco-friendly character, even when made of plastic. Today, thousands of fast food restaurants, kiosks and pavilions go hand in hand with disposable utensils. Even the most environmentally minded of us happen to eat or take them for later. The spoon likes to partner with a reusable bowl, but let's drive it easy. Let's start with a spoon!

+ 11 grams - fish letter

I like the bewilderment you read above. Well, let's mention Peter Beron, but this is a WWF Bulgaria campaign that started at the end of 2016. Fishbone is a little guide to choosing fish. It fights the scary side of fishing - overfishing. WWF recommends that we buy certified fish of proven and sustainable origin. Can't find a hard copy of the book? Check out the online version here

+ 55 grams folding backpack

Always on hand, it will save us costs, and in the nature it will save another hundred-year-old bag. Of course, all kinds of reusable cotton and polyester bags should be considered here. Recently, I have been using and strongly recommending a folding polyester backpack that pleasantly transfers weight to the back and releases the arms. And one more thing - small capacity requires more frequent and more modest shopping.

+ 102 grams bottle (+ 600 grams water)

This bag addition is good for nature, but also good for us. This is how. When we carry a heavy bottle from home, it reminds itself and we are more likely to drink it to make it easier for us. The feeling of thirst has been proven to come with a delay. We need to get ahead of him. I read somewhere that the water loved to carry it. It is not superfluous to expose it to the sun to charge it with energy. You can write any positive message on your personal bottle with the knowledge that water is taking in information. A glass bottle is the best choice. Of course, the burden is increasing, but so is our contribution. For lighter plastic models, it is good to rely on those without bisphenol A.


Conscious responsibility and environmental measures do not happen easily and lightly. Exactly the opposite. They are difficult (let's be honest)! Do you know why? - Because convenience is the reason for our environmental woes. For the sake of convenience, something is done. The easier and more comfortable something is, the more likely it is to be irregular (not only in environmental terms).

Today is the Annunciation. Today is also noted Earth Hour Tonight between 8: 30 and 9: 30 we will turn off the light. However, tomorrow it is important to leave with a slightly heavier bag.

All the weights listed are actually measured values ​​of products that I personally use. Your arsenal may be heavier. But we said - the heavier, the more resilient. The more, the more.

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