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Changes in the general climate of the Earth have been observed since the 50s. Problems with global warming, environmental pollution, destruction of soil, natural fauna, air, seas and oceans… The facts have been identified for which solutions are supposed to be sought, but practically nothing has changed. The situation continues to deteriorate, and the media and politicians do not comment on what is left for the common man.


An 16-year-old girl from Sweden only decides to tackle climate change because no one else obviously cares about it. Her name is Greta Tunberg. During 2018, she said she would not attend school until the September 9 election in Sweden, due to the multiple fires in Sweden caused by record highs. It launches a series of stand-alone protests before the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm, which has attracted media attention.


Its requirement to the Swedish Government is: To reduce carbon emissions, according to The Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Every day, during school hours, she stands before Parliament, holding a signboard Climate School Strike. After the election, she went on strike only on Friday, receiving worldwide attention. With her courage and incredible concern for Earth's problems, she inspires students from all over the world to take part in the protests. By December 2018, more than 20 000 students had begun strikes in 270 City. On 15 March 2019, approximately 1.4 million students worldwide have joined the protests.

Berlin / 29-March, 2019

Over 25 000 students protest in Berlin,

40 000 all over Germany. 

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Last year, Greta Thunberg took part in TED Talks in Stockholm, where he talks about the effects of climate change and the irresponsible attitude of humanity on the problem. For the first time, she has heard about climate change, global warming, and that humanity is the cause of their existence when she was 8. Like many other children, she is also advised to turn off the lights in order to save energy and recycle paper because each leaf means the death of a tree. But unlike most, it is seriously considering the benefits of saving energy and resources, which should become a duty for each of us. Greta cannot comprehend how humans living on this Earth are capable of changing its climate, knowing that it will lead to devastating results.

"If we are really in crisis, and this is a fact, why is everyone behaving normally, as if the crisis did not exist? Why is everyone pretending that climate problems do not exist and continue to live as they did before? Why, after all this is known, nobody cares? In fact, we should not talk about anything other than this problem. The moment we turn on our TVs, we have to talk about it in all shows - news, radio, newspapers, we should not listen and read about anything else! Says the girl. But no one talks about it. If exhaust gases are so harmful as to endanger our existence, how can we continue to live as before? Why is there no law against this? Why is it not illegal? I do not understand this! Because if the emission of emissions is to stop, then it really has to stop. There is no other option! "


Greta asks herself these questions, but there is no one to answer. Because he would be rhetorical. Zero emission city buses have been around for a long time, even in our country. Why do cars not work on this principle? An electric car and a hybrid car are not sensations or technologies of the future. Even the first cars in the 19 century operated with electricity before the advent of internal combustion engines and the entry into mass use of oil and gasoline. 40 years ago, a Bulgarian invented fuel from water, which does not pollute nature and would make oil meaningless.

photo: Prague, Czech Republic / 15 March, 2019

photo: Greta Thunberg and Dr. Jane Goodall / FB

Why did the media comment on the vast island of plastic in the Pacific Ocean when its surface was equal to that of France? Didn't anyone know until now? Why will the EU ban disposable plastic products only in the 2021 year, rather than doing so?


For the business to thrive. Oil companies and all oil traders, manufacturers and dealers of plastic products, light bulbs (after the very first bulb was created with eternal life), etc. they do not benefit from the environmentally friendly way of life. For them everything is business, human life too. And the shorter the shelf life of a product, the more the business develops. Governments are silent on scientific facts. The media does not have access to information, and if they do, they save it because they are part of the world criminal policy. But what we already know is enough to take the necessary steps to put an end to the destructive actions of our production and our way of life.


Switzerland has found an easy way to deal with pollution by introducing a high sanctions law that mandates separate waste collection and recycling of everything that is recyclable. Even a bag of tea is divided into its components - cardboard, tea leaves, paper clip, etc., with each item falling into a different container. As a result, the country recycles every day: 70% of used paper, 60% of all batteries sold, 90% of glass bottles, 71% of plastic bottles and more - motor oils, expired drugs, household materials, porcelain and others. The default penalty is 10 thousands of dollars.


In the 11 years, Thunberg became depressed because of the nihilism of humanity about the world's global problems. She stops talking, eating and is soon diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder and selective mutism. Greta speaks only when necessary in her opinion, ie. when it comes to protecting the environment and combating climate change.

Why are we silent? Once an 16-year-old girl is capable of doing so much for the world, and each of us in particular, imagine what we can do if we take the cause personally!

Maybe it's time we went out and protested? Perhaps it is time to oppose the world's wicked policies? Maybe it's time to stop buying plastic products, wasting paper in vain, and instead planting wood and collecting our waste separately?

One bird does not make spring, but change always comes from the ordinary person with his daily, albeit minor, actions. And it is precisely the action that prompts us and the world Greta Thunberg in her speech. Because in nature everything is movement, the question is in which direction we are moving.

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