Any vegetarian who likes to travel but adheres to his or her principles has always faced the problem of vegetarian food on the go. At first glance, this doesn't seem like a major challenge, but it often turns out to be just that. In most restaurants, chefs try to impress their customers with something unconventional, incorporating different, often even incompatible, foods into one dish, which is a big challenge for a vegetarian or vegan.


I have personally been in trouble dozens of times because of my lactose intolerance. Which is to say, not that my food should contain anything dairy, unless it's specifically lactose-free, and such milk and cheese is not available in restaurants. The vegetarian menu is not always an option for me, but fortunately, more and more vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants are opening up in the world. And not only - entire cities are changing their eating policies to welcome animal-friendly cuisine. I immediately take you to 10 cities where you will feel safe as a vegetarian and you will certainly not be hungry or change your nature.



1. Palitana, India


Let's start with the "heavyweight". Palitana is the first city in the world to ban slaughtering animals by law. The ban has been in force since 2014 and comes as a result of mass protests in which 200 monks profess Jainism went on a hunger strike to show the government that they would rather have their own deaths than the deaths of millions of animals.


Jainism Confesses to the idea that animals and plants are also living things and have a soul, so it requires a strict vegetarian diet. At the heart of religion is the concern for the well-being of every living being on the planet and the health of the earth itself. In India, between 4 and 5 million people profess Jainismwhich makes the imposition of such a law inevitable.


No meat is consumed in Palitana, but dairy is sold freely. Other cities in India have also given up meat, such as Pushkar and Haridwar.


2. Turin, Italy


Already for religious reasons, whole cities in Italy are also giving up meat, for health and environmental reasons. Turin Mayor Chiara Appendino, in his 2016 election campaign, promises to make vegetarianism a priority for the city. According to her, life without meat and dairy products is the basis for environmental protection and animal health. Her plan includes educational programs at schools to build children's wellbeing about nature and nutrition.


The same year, more than 30 shops and restaurants were opened in the city, offering wholly vegan or vegetarian food. Given the size of Turin, the number of establishments is impressive. Now a person can easily come across vegetarian cuisine to take in any street.


Turin has always been famous for its alpine beer and its great veal, beef or chicken. The tourist who is used to this past glory can be very surprised by the change.



3. London, England


London is a true record breaker for 2019 in terms of vegetarian restaurants. He owns 125 fully vegan establishments within a 5 mile radius of the city and 152 in the community. According to The Vegan Society, in 2018, vegetarians in the UK numbered 600, which is 1,16% of the UK population. Vegans continue to flourish in the city, and you'll find vegan cafes, stalls, bars, pizzerias, restaurants, as well as the first vegan cheese shop in the UK, La Fauxmagerie, at almost every corner.

photo: @lafauxmagerie

 4. Berlin


Yes, you read that right! For all those who associate Germany with spicy mints and beer, I must say that the country is not limited to this. Berlin has successfully developed as one of the top destinations for vegetarian cuisine. The number of vegan restaurants within a five-mile radius of Berlin has grown to a staggering 62, and the vegan plate is visible on almost every street. You can even try vegetarian kebabs, burgers, pizzas as well as super healthy crunch dishes at Manafood.


If you are looking for a stylish dinner in Berlin, AtayaCaffé is the highest-rated vegan restaurant in the city. Plus there is the African and Italian influence in the interior and in the kitchen, which is felt, as well as the beautiful sun terrace. The menu includes African soup, fresh gnocchi and ravioli, rich and creamy tiramisu and organic Italian coffee.



5. Warsaw, Poland


Last year, vegetarian restaurants in Warsaw numbered 50, within a 5-mile radius. The famous vegan burger "Krowarzywa" can now be tasted in 5 restaurants, so called. Beyond burger, made from vegetable protein and soy and gluten free, is gaining popularity fast. There are also two vegan sushi restaurants in the city - Edamame and Youmiko Vegan Sushi, cafes and restaurants serving Mediterranean fusion food. Lokal Dela Krem offers amazing vegan cakes, pies and other sweets for those who love sweet treats. The city even has a vegan manicure salon.

photo: @krowarzywa

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6. Bangkok, Thailand


Thailand, or the "land of smiles," will delight any vegetarian with their excellent cuisine. Veganism in Bangkok is easy, as if it were the birthplace of this diet. Tropical fruits on the stands and fresh vegetables are abundant in the markets in this city, and because of Buddhism, most restaurants offer many vegan dishes on their menu. Since traditional Thai cuisine is made up mostly of vegetables, it would not be a problem to eat perfectly in a regular restaurant, but if you visit one, be sure to warn the waiter that you do not want fish sauce. It is a common ingredient in Thai cuisine.


One of the best vegan dining options in town is the Nourish Cafe. This venue is affiliated with a martial arts salon and fans of these sports often eat there after a workout. At the Mercury Ville, you can try the best vegan pastries and ice creams.



7. Prague, Czech Republic 


With a population of 1,26 million, Prague is among the world's top five vegan restaurants per capita. However, a vegetarian establishment deserves some special attention. This is the Bistro Střecha or the Roof. In addition to offering tasty and inexpensive vegan food, mainly from traditional Czech cuisine, the bistro also operates as a social enterprise, offering employment and decent wages to homeless people and those who are serving a period of imprisonment. The venue has been operating since 2017 and offers both cold and hot vegan dishes, coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as great desserts.


photo: @bistro_strecha

8. Tel Aviv, Israel


Israel is found to have the highest rate of vegetarians globally, approximately 5 to 8 percent of the total population or 400 people, and their numbers are steadily increasing. This makes the country an ideal tourist destination for vegetarians and vegans. A total of 000 (and maybe more) fully vegetarian restaurants are located in Tel Aviv, offering Israeli, Mediterranean, Arabic and European cuisine. Anastasia's first vegan cafe serves staple foods and raw desserts, already popular around the world. In addition, the city is famous for its irresistible freshly squeezed juices, which you can see on almost every street.



9. Toronto, Canada


Canada is a country that definitely enjoys healthy nutrition and the well-being of its residents. In Toronto, for example, you can find vegan chicken waffles, vegan pizza and even vegan donuts. Rawlicious offers raw, organic vegan dishes that even make the platter organic. Toronto is also home to the largest vegetarian festival in North America, the Veg Food Fest, held annually.


10. Palma de Mallorca, Spain


Palma de Mallorca wins the championship for the most vegetarian city in Spain. There are even vegetarian hotels on the island and the oldest vegetarian restaurant opened in 1978. Take-away food is also available for those in a hurry, with an option for biodegradable containers and boxes, which is a great environmental policy environment is clean and people's health is excellent.


These were the top ten destinations for a happy vegetarian trip. I hope you have already chosen which next destination on your 2020 list.

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