An angry mother walks hard on the main Stara Zagora street. With one hand, she clutched her handbag tightly, and with the other, she gripped the wrist of a roaring, slightly full-blown, about five-year-old boy who hurriedly followed her to keep up with the pace.

"Stop yelling! PIG, with a pig like that !!! ”he furiously mocks the mother and, to solidify the effect, shakes the child's hand firmly.

Behind them, a little girl, about the same age, goes with her older sister. His heart contracted at the sight of this scene. Without thinking much, much, the girl is plucked out of her sister's hand, runs to the woman, and timidly growls.

"You are a pig!"

"Please?!", The woman hisses in perplexity and visible annoyance.

With a higher and confident voice, the girl calmly repeats: - "Yes! You are a pig because you speak to your child! "

The woman remains silent, still bewildered by what she has heard. At that moment, the girl approaches the boy, hugs him tightly and whispers softly to him.

"Do not Cry! And not angry! She doesn't know what she's doing! "

The girl releases the little one from his embrace, grips him firmly by the shoulders, and with his eyes fixed on his eyes firmly states: "You will do it!"

The little girl was me.

I wish I had had the courage to actually stand up to this woman and have the stage development not played out in my imagination.

I remembered this story today, 20 + years later, after waking up in the morning, on the third floor, from neurotic screams coming from the street - another mother raising her child !!!


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