The exhibition "LEO AND THE FOREST SPIRITS" by the operator of "Eastern Plays" and "The Island" will remain in the gallery from 8 to 23 November.


Bulgarian cameraman and photographer Julian Atanasov will present his first solo exhibition "Leo and the Forest Spirits" at the CO-OP from 8 to 23 November. The exposition will include 20 photos of people and places from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Croatia and Iran. The curator of the exhibition is Switzerland's Katarina Ripstein.


Julian is an operator and often creates his photographic works on the periphery of the set, on vacation or at the end of the day, but his photographs are not part of a particular movie episode. Julian also shoots far from film reality when traveling or with her family. His works stand out from the contemporary flow of images through a deliberately fun way of working. The photos have not been staged or stolen, so it's hard to classify them into the usual categories of reportage, documentary or stage photography. The images captured in one as spontaneous as well as a specific waiting moment reveal mental, associative spaces. Provincial and urban landscapes serve as metaphors for longing, melancholy and fatality.

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All the works in the exhibition "LEO AND THE FOREST SPIRITS" were achieved through the method of classical analog photography - capture, manifestation and copying. For Julian, the slow process and the unpredictability of analog photography are a choice and a challenge, but also an opportunity. The imperfection of the photosensitive emulsion and chance are an integral part of the special aesthetics inherent in analogue photography only. The series "LEO AND THE FOREST SPIRITS" commemorates the quiet and noble existence of the film negative. It can also be understood as an appeal to the spirits of disappearing technology.


Julian Atanasov lives and works in Berlin and Sofia. His feature films have been presented at festivals in Cannes, Tokyo, Berlin, Locarno, Sundance. He is known to a wide audience as a cameraman for the films "Oriental Plays" and "The Island", where he works with Kamen Kalev, "3 / 4" with director Ilian Metev and "Yalda" with 2019 with director Masud Bakshi.

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