There are several reasons to visit Bohol Island, one of the 72 islands in the Philippines. Not only the island's breeze, the immeasurable sandy beaches or coral reefs, perfect for swimming and diving, but another wonder of nature would captivate your hearts and souls. They are called "chocolate hills" and are part of the unearthly wealth that the planet Earth has given us. No one has yet counted the exact number of hills on the island of Bohol, but their shape and color can definitely be called "chocolate". It is unlikely that locals will ever agree that these hills will be called the little kisses made by the popular chocolate brand in America - "Hershey".

But their legends will amaze you with variety and mysticism. Either way, this destination is suitable for both a vacation and a more active adventure. The hills are entirely created by nature, with no trace of human intervention. Surrounded by beautiful rivers, incredible caves and incredible wildlife. I will also give you a little secret that is so small that only you can see it here. The smallest monkey in the world - the Philippine dugout. Their body is only 10-15 cm long, and their huge beautiful eyes leave a memory of meeting them for a long time.

The island is a wonderful and famous tourist destination. The resort in Carmen provides cozy and unforgettable views. The spring and summer festivals will introduce you to historically recreated scenes, concerts, dance competitions, interesting people and lots of fun. The incredible beaches and water attractions will last you long enough for your skin to get the desired tan. This is a guaranteed destination for everyone's needs.

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