Photography is more than just creating photos. This is a way to capture the invisible, at the right moment, because you may not have another chance. A photographer is like a storyteller whose photo captures memories and tells different stories - some touching, others sad, others funny, but never leave anyone indifferent. Exactly such a storyteller is the photographer Ani Leibovitz.


She was born on October 2, 1949 in Waterbury, USA, with a mixture of Romanian and Russian roots in her veins. Initially, it was difficult to deal with English at school, but on the other hand it mastered a much more important language - that of body gestures. They express a deeper meaning than the most exotic language in the world, thanks to her mother being a ballerina who is well aware of the power of gestures. This art continues to excite and captivate her to this day, as she did as a child. Her father was a military man, often requiring the family to travel without being able to settle anywhere and the child to make lasting contacts.


In order not to be alone, her father presents her with the first camera. Thus, she has the opportunity to practice the search for the perfect frame. During the Vietnam War and the rising anti-war demonstrations, he made his first shot. He then sends the photos to the publisher of Rolling stone, who publishes them on the first page of the magazine.


As a student, she falls in love with the art of photographer Henri Cartier Besson. He becomes her idol, but is too vain to allow anyone to shoot it. So for many days, he followed his route closely and one day surprised him at the Pont Neuf Bridge. The great artist has no other choice than the camera lens and allows him to be taken the first, and only ever, photograph.


Annie is lucky to be in the middle of a storm of political and human drama. She is able to see with her eyes important events in American and world history - the departure of President Nixon from the White House, Miley Cyrus, Naked Demi Moore and other personalities have changed and influenced world music and politics. Her photographs transform the overall vision of photography in American history.


Over time, she becomes a celebrity photographer and shows them the nature that even their biggest fans have never imagined. So far, her most famous cover remains the one from 1981, for Rolling stone, featuring nude John Lennon and Yoko Ono. In the case of Lennon, they have an appointment to see each other later, but that does not happen because the great artist was shot dead that evening. It seems like the unlucky is lucky to be the last one to shoot some of the stars. As a professional, you always set your boundaries when shooting certain celebrities - some are shy and others "the camera loves them." He has the talent to predispose even the most capricious star to the perfect pose for a photo.

Lisa Minnelli

Angelina Julie

Uma Thurman

Martina Navratilova

Johnny Depp

Cate Blanchett

She is worried that the profession of photographer, in today's commercialized world and the growing influence of social networks, is shifting the focus from quality photography to mediocrity. Young people make meaningless shots, just to attract the attention of as many followers as possible, and raise their ratings.

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While working for Rolling stone, he briefly succumbs to bad habits and has problems with alcohol and drugs, but quickly manages to recover from the problems. In 1983, Ani Leibovitz received a job offer for Vanity Fair, which she accepted. She was offered more creative freedom, and most stars suddenly began to show interest in her work, who had so far refused to stand before her lens. Even California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had a successful career in his early years bodybuilder. They shoot a photo shoot with his personal white horse, with Arnie appearing in a tight white wedge, and they both create the perfect shot.


In the early 80's, he met the famous writer Susan Sontag and quickly ignited love between the two. Thanks to Zontag, in 1991, Ani Leibovitz was offered the unique opportunity to be the only woman to present a photographic exhibition at the London National Portrait Gallery.


Although a superb photographer, she is too organized and messy financially, which also brings her serious financial problems. It's hard to believe that such a successful artist borrows $ 15,5 million in February 2009, and despite mortgaging much of his assets, he barely manages to repay it. Ani Leibovitz herself admits that even though she has $ 50 million in her bank account, she is having a hard time managing her finances and is too flippant about paying off her debt, so she often has tax problems. Even sometimes he forgets to pay back a simple loan.


Well, doesn't that make this beautiful Annie Leibovitz unique in this "crazy" world? And we think that the stars standing in front of her lens are crazy and strange!…

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