The words of the famous director Margarita Mladenova echo in a summary of her latest play inspired by Anton P. Chekhov. Four works have been selected in the new production: "Verochka", "The Lady with the Puppy", "Teacher" and "Proposal". In this show, the team explores the problem addressed by Chekhov - what are the differences between people who want the same thing. The dialogues will speak, will invite, will tell on the stage of the Small City Theater "Behind the Canal" on December 17 at 19:00. Live performance by Stoyan Mladenov, composer and visual effects Asen Avramov

- “We live in a troubled world that urges the Theater to rethink its subject and language - if it wants to be not just a profession or a vanity, but a space of human science, an artistic path to the damned questions of man in life.

What happens to the person? Why is love frightening him, work is destroying him, his neighbor terrifies him, his conscience hurts, the tense mind envies only his own failure? Why are we wasting our allotted time, asking for one thing, and doing the exact opposite? These are the awkward questions of Anton Pavlovich that we can recognize - the goals.

The Chekhov formula "read, everything is written there", which sharpens our view and we find the diseases of the Confused, broken man. Chekhov diagnoses our illnesses, our phobias, our fears, our despair, our powerlessness. Through four love stories - four discrepancies - four failed attempts at another life - we read Chekhov not as a sentimental author of fine arts, but as a doctor, a figurehead, an active public figure who examines man's failure in man; does not forgive the absurd discrepancy between "want" and "do"; ironic self-pity, longing for lost wholeness, dreaming of man as the world in the world.

Our theatrical translation of this Chekhov demolished the fourth wall between stage and hall; strips the intense action, introduces set design and music as living partners, involves the viewer as an accomplice in a challenging encounter without a guard, without pretense. In a spectacle-appeal to revelation and confession without illusions, but with hope. The medicine is bitter, but Chekhov's inimitable slim sense of humor makes it desirable. "- Margarita Mladenova

Anton P. Chekhov


Director: Margarita Mladenova

Set design and costumes: Ivaylo Nikolov and Iva Gikova

Sound installation composer: Assen Avramov

Music: Stoyan Mladenov / live /



 Participating actors:

Alisa Atanasova

Merry Babinova

Vladimir Penev

Vladimir Zombori

Vladimir Dimitrov

Ivan Petrushinov

Louise Grigorova

Svetlana Yancheva


Pavel Chervenakov

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