I like to dream of purity… That's right - I just imagine that everything is clean and bright and light. I like to wash and know that I will have clean clothes later. To be fresh after a bath. To lie down in clean blankets. That's what you love. For me, however, the situation is more serious. I divide the material into categories - clean, slightly dirty, dirty. What I am most afraid of is that things in one category do not mix with those in another. I feel real horror. I also don't like anyone else to rummage through my things, to put it mildly. Washing my hands takes up most of my day.


Yes, I admit, I'm on thin ice. However, the emphasis in this material is not my feature. There's something scary! Something invisible! Widespread! Well, let me tell you - "chemical purity." It could also be called a "sense of purity." A deceptive sensation that is achieved through chemical agents, sight and smell. 90% of people (I guess) only know purity this way. Does it look clean? Yes! So it's clean! Does it smell clean? Yes! So it's clean!


It could also be called a "sense of purity." A deceptive sensation that is achieved through chemical agents, sight and smell.


All the "pure" poisons that thrive in comforting these two senses thrive. Where have I not been looking for aroma-free laundry detergent? Even in the baby section you will not find. Fragrance-free deodorant - only for hypersensitive skin. Soap without extra additives - all the way from Syria. Perfumes in everything, colors! Special capsules, technologies and patents that embed fragrance molecules inside our clothes to release day after day ... Fragrances, from mouthwash to toiletries. Cinnamon smell is a trademark in IKEA Restaurant. She's been chasing you down the stairs, but it has nothing to do with cinnamon rolls. I sincerely regret the sellers in e-fragrance stores. I myself worked for a while in a high-end office building, so I was sprayed every time I visited the toilet. I felt like a cockroach. I'm guarding myself already. I look at the store shelves above and avoid the sprayer in every possible way. When I think about it, I've come across promotions of similar products at hypermarkets at least a dozen times. Each time I politely explain that I do not use. What does it feel like to walk past household shelves? Immediately my eyes flutter. Not to mention the nose. I'm running slightly.


My friend is the first poison buddy (if you poison yourself, after you swallow it, then it's poison). For her, house dust is the first enemy. The appearance is "king" and the smell is "queen" (unfortunately for most people). I once saw her put the laundry straight on the floor. The floor was carpeted. I asked why she was doing this, and she reassured me that she had cleaned it very carefully before. Understand - poison roll with one way ticket. This incident struck me greatly. I couldn't believe it in my ears (and still can't). 


I simply refuse to accept that the illusion has taken on such terrifying proportions. I prefer mud and dust to invisible poisons!


I like to dream of purity ... However, for me purity does not exist. There are separate substances and materials, objects, in a word relatively separate units. Our only task is to separate them. Keep them away from each other, like water paper. To remove, not to add. The dirty carpet remains dirty but with poisons added. And here comes the water - the only truth regarding the separation of the micron. Cleaning is a micro-level arrangement. You will be surprised how much of the washing is due to the water. Washing an economical program with little water and lots of chemistry? Who is it economical for? Not for nature. The result is not pure laundry, but dirty, perfumed, allergy-free laundry.


The floor does not need an antibacterial attack. We ourselves are walking bacterial nests. The floor needs sweeping and water to capture the finer particles. That is. Occasionally homemade soap dissolved in water to clean stains and deposits. Soda for bread and vinegar in the kitchen. If we cannot eat it in small quantities, it is better to stay away from us and our homes.


Everything we clean (tidy up) eventually gets into our body. It is inevitable!


I want a coup! Let's take down the "king" and "queen"! Let us rise above the primal sensations and naive beliefs! To see beyond, because we know and understand! Let the smells bring in, but be of natural origin: home-baked bread (the most attractive smell), rose water from the praying and décolletage, dried lavender from the wardrobe. In the air. And washing clothes is best not to smell. So too, soap, deodorant, dressings and other things should be free of odors and colors. Let's not disguise, but take a deep approach.


To see beyond, because we know and understand!


I like to dream of purity ...

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