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on a walk around Bulgaria
We offer destinations where it is not the body but the soul that rests.

Without paying attention to the well-known and otherwise commercialized resorts, the alternative we offer is to go along our northern coast in search of forgotten nooks and crannies that can truly bring a dream vacation.

Costa and Willie, an elderly couple from Bulgarevo village, had been our hosts for a few evenings, and by the time they left, they had become much more. The people who filled their backpacks with peaches from their garden in the morning and had made coffee before. The people who brought melons and grapes (again from their garden) and always sat down, supposedly to guide us, but in fact just to talk. The people I would come back to because they really made us feel at home - something I had never experienced in any hotel.

© Chr. Demireva

Such are the people in the small seaside villages - warm in heart, taking in the sun as if in themselves. They bring that feeling - they make the sea your home


Tyulenovo © Hr. Demireva

Kaliakra © Hr. Demireva

Stone beach © Hristo Demireva

From the village of Bulgarevo the closest point is the bay Bolatadefined by various media as one of the most beautiful in the world. The beach is covered with fine sand, the water is clear, and high rocks seem to hug the ground below and protect it from the typical winds of the northern Black Sea. The view from the rocks down to the bay is really impressive. However, Bolata is a well-known destination and often the small beach is full, so maybe a work day visit is a better idea.

Swamp © Хр. Demireva

Cape Kaliakra is located next to Bolata and Bulgarevo. Aside from the landmarks, such as the "door of the forty girls" (who, according to legend, tied their hair into each other and threw themselves into the sea to avoid being rushed) and the fortress, it is interesting that you can see "fiery" sunsets from Kaliakra. This is due to the heavily incised nose in the sea (as much as 2 km), allowing a beautiful view to the west.


Durankulak, only at 5 km. from the Romanian border, is the most northeastern settlement in Bulgaria. If you are looking for large and deserted beaches, this is the place. The southern beach of Durankulak is 7 km long, not overcrowded, and in the immediate vicinity is Durankulak Lake. In general, the area has rich flora and fauna and is an attractive point for ornithologists (because they live, pass or winter, rare and endangered species), nature lovers and archaeologists. The lake, along with Lake Shabla and Lake Ezeretz, is part of Via Pontica, one of the main migratory bird routes in Europe. The beach line reaches Krapets through a nature reserve, untouched dunes, along the shore of a nearly forgotten beach, under the warm sunlight, where salty waves creep along the shore and erase your footsteps, as if to retain the place by themselves.

© Chr. Demireva

© Chr. Demireva

Kamen beach and Tyulenovo are the other two neighboring and noteworthy destinations. There is no beach (or too small) here, but at the same time the high (and no less than 30 meters) rocks are the charm of the two villages - wonderful, just to visit them, sit on some edge or talk with the local fishermen. For lovers of extreme experiences - rock climbing above the sea, most often without safety. In August a competition is held in Kamen Bryag.


The sunrises there are perhaps the event that captivates everyone. Getting up early is not my favorite activity, but I will someday find a better reason to sound an alarm to watch the sun rise. The light is the place - there is no morning in which you do not find a person who came to admire the view and how the first rays of the sun gently caress the cold, still sunken earth. Every year, enthusiasts meet Julian Morning with music and dance right there.


Yaylata is a well-known archaeological reserve, literally in the cliffs, where the so-called. cave "dwellings" - natural caves located on several levels in the rocks, human-shaped, dated to the 5th millennium BC. and used for millennia. More tombs, a sanctuary, an early Byzantine fortress have been found on the territory of the reserve, with all facilities facing the sea in the direction of the rising sun.

It does not exhaust all the destinations that are worth visiting on our northern Black Sea coast, but we also leave a little for the research spirit of the reader to discover for himself "his" place. Sparsely populated (or deserted) beaches, more greenery, cordial people - this is what you will surely find if you choose this type of vacation. Then you are somehow lighter, more charged, closer to yourself.

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