photo: Nikolay Kovachev - Kamchia

For many people, the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is not a favorite destination, because of the many concrete, literally poured on the beach and even in the sea. But even in small numbers, there are still beautiful, almost pristine beaches, where the beauty of the sea is seen in full.


For the article I have selected shots from seven extremely good Bulgarian photographers, who managed to capture the majestic beauty of our beaches and show what beauty we have without realizing it. Because from a bird's eye view it is best seen and often the most magical views go unnoticed from the shore.


 1. Nikolay Kavachev - Kamchia Resort


Nikolay Kovachev is a professor of ecology at the University of Ruse, a mountaineer and a passionate photographer. If his name somehow makes you think of fairy tales, you probably remember his first photo exhibition "Draw me a fairy tale", in which he presented us with truly fabulous mountain landscapes. The photo I share with you is from "Kamchia", where nature has simply revealed its full beauty, without fear of being taken away.

2. Lipite Beach by Dimitar Karanikolov


Dimitar Karanikolov is an indisputable talent in the art of photography, with a precise eye and an incredible sense of capturing the moment. His lens has taken breathtaking shots from around the world - from Japan, China, Peru through Borneo, Morocco, Indonesia, Mongolia, Iceland, Jordan, Singapore. In 2018, he was nominated for the Audience Award in the annual National Geographic competition. In addition to all this, he immortalizes the Bulgarian natural beauty with photos like the one from "Lipite" - one of the few almost pristine beaches in our country.


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3. Saint Ivan Island near Sozopol by Zhivko Yordanov

St. Ivan is one of the five islands on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and the largest of them. It is located near Sozopol, from where you can board a boat that will take you directly to the island. There are marked hiking trails leading to the monastery "St. John the Baptist. The view that Zhivko Yordanov offers us is from above, so that the whole island can be seen.

4. Sozopol by Ivo Petrov


A more unusual shot of Sozopol, taken from the lens of Ivo Petrov, away from the restaurants and the noise of the old town. This shot fully corresponds to the statement that photography is magic - not art or science. However, the "fog" effect can be achieved with some photographic tricks if one is on "you" with photography. But there is no guarantee for such an exceptional photo.


5. Sinemorets by Veselin Atanasov


Another photographer who uses this "style" of photography is Veselin Atanasov. A native of Stara Zagora, an adventurer, he likes to photograph mainly mountains and forests, but sometimes he also captures the beauty of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and in this way…


6. Tyulenovo by Plamen Petkov


Plamen Petkov shoots everything - from weddings and celebrations, to the beautiful Bulgarian fields, mountains and, of course, the sea. This beautiful view is from Tyulenovo - the favorite north. When one looks at her, one wants to sit in this chair, look at the vast blue and hold one's breath in anticipation of the coming storm. Because the sea is most real when it is stormy.


7. Shabla by Krassimir Petrov


This beautiful and magnetic sunset of the lighthouse in Shabla has come out of the lens of Krassimir Petrov, which I want to hear more and more about. As a photographer, he focused exclusively on nature and the landscape, and his photos show that photography is neither a hobby nor a profession for him, but a way of life.

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