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WWF calls for intelligent forest management in the face of climate change


On March 21 every year, for nearly half a century, the world celebrates International Forest Day. Today, however, this important natural resource, which not only provides wood for the economy but also contributes to our health and well-being through its ecosystem services, is at serious risk.

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European forests are no exception. Experts predict that as a result of climate change, forest ecosystems in some parts of the continent that have evolved over the past 300 years under human control are likely to change. Scientific reports show that the areas favorable for growing economically valuable tree species such as oak, beech, spruce, etc. are to be relocated. 


"In Bulgaria, a change in the vertical vegetation belts is expected. Coniferous forests are likely to climb between 100 and 300 meters higher and their place will be taken by beech. Then comes the oak vegetation, and the lowest level may become suitable mainly for Mediterranean trees and shrubs. Against this background, adequate and intelligent management of forest ecosystems is crucial for both humans and the environment. " - says the forestry expert from WWF Bulgaria Kostadin Valchev.

In this regard, WWF Bulgaria and the Southwestern State Enterprise, together with partners from Central and Eastern Europe, have begun work on the development and implementation of specific forest management models in the context of climate change. The activities are part of the seven-year project "Climate-Intelligent Forest Management in Central and Eastern Europe" - LIFE19 CCA / SK / 001276, co-financed by the LIFE program of the European Commission.


This year's edition of Earth Hour also draws attention to this growing problem.


"The risks to forests are also risks to the colorful wildlife that inhabits them. Let us not forget that, since 1970, we have lost as much as 68% of the world's wildlife population. We must put an end to this negative trend in order to preserve the planet we live on for future generations. In order to protect the habitats of valuable species in our country from climate change, we will work closely with the experts from seven state forestry farms in Southwestern Bulgaria. " - commented Veselina Kavrakova, Executive Director of WWF Bulgaria.


The cause of wildlife conservation has attracted many famous names to the ranks of environmentalists, including Zdrava Kamenova, Niki Stanoev, Dilyana Popova, Kerana and the astronauts, RDMK, Elena Sirakova. All of them will join the Earth Hour 2021 campaign and donate their art to the environment.

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