WWF with a virtual spectacle in the largest global environmental initiative


And this year Earth Hour united thousands of people in our country around the cause of nature conservation. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and in line with the health measures introduced, we celebrated the World Environment Day in the digital space. More than 5500 viewers in our country enjoyed the virtual spectacle, organized by WWF Bulgaria, sitting comfortably on the couch at home.

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The concert with the participation of popular artists from the Bulgarian theater and music scene began at exactly 20:30, when, according to an old tradition, millions of people around the world turned off the lights at home, demonstrating solidarity and unity in the name of our common home - planet Earth. It was broadcast on Facebook page of WWF Bulgaria.


The host of the show was the inimitable comedian Niki Stanoev. And in the name of nature, RDMK, Elena Sirakova, Magi Aleksieva - MEY and Toma Cordoli, the group "Paraglider", Kerana and the astronauts, as well as BunyVerse & Strela joined the concert with their hits. Viewers also had the opportunity to enjoy the incredible choreography of Costa Karakashyan, performed against the backdrop of the Egyptian pyramids. The cause of WWF attracted to the ranks of environmentalists and many other famous names, including Zdrava Kamenova, Dilyana Popova, Albena Yurukova. They all joined the Earth Hour 2021 campaign, finding a way to donate a piece of their work to the environment. WWF especially thanks everyone who showed their commitment to nature. 

 "Despite the difficult situation in which we find ourselves as a society, the team of WWF Bulgaria did everything possible to celebrate Earth Hour properly this year as well. We must not forget this moment of the year, because, albeit briefly, it connects us with millions of people from all over the world, united by one important cause - the protection of our planet and the future. Let us remember this moment throughout the year and by our example inspire more and more people to think about nature in their daily lives. ", called Veselina Kavrakova, Executive Director of WWF Bulgaria.


The fourteenth consecutive edition of Earth Hour in our country is already in history, but the care for nature continues. This year, WWF is turning Earth Hour into Earth Month with focus on an iconic species for our forests - the brown bear, whose survival is at serious risk in the last ten years. To find out what's next and to be a part of it, follow the WWF news channels.


For more on the activities of the conservation organization for the protection of bears and how anyone can become a protector of bears, see wwf.bg/mechki.

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