Imagine The London Eye in the shape of a bicycle, the iconic Big Ben as a clock, and the ferocious Lions of Nelson's Column as small, playful kittens. Well, sometimes one has to have a lot of imagination to recreate these symbols of London as something completely different.

@paperboyo ∫ Rich McCor

An example is the talented photographer Rich McCour (Rich McCor) known by his pen name, The Paper Boy, who creates interesting paintings using only his rich imagination and a piece of paper. He has created many masterpieces, but he himself shares that his favorite "picture" is of a champagne bottle "chilling" in the fountains near Tower Bridge, and he specifically needed close to 50 shots to get the perfect shot. . Some of the pictures may look simple, but there are more complex ones, so the author simply has to put on his headphones, play relaxing music and focus his attention on the details.

Initially, when he started doing photography, he quickly realized that in order to stand out, he had to come up with something different. He gradually created his own art and noticed that most artists used Instagram and Facebook as a gallery, so he was inspired to publish his work there. Thanks to the feedback from the users of the platforms, he gradually cleared up the mistakes he made. Today, Rich McCor has over 364000 followers on the social network.

@paperboyo ∫ Rich McCor

He looks at the world differently and tries to look for shapes, models and opportunities wherever he goes. He constantly fights with his inner self so that he can perfect himself and give his fans new experiences. He always wants to learn more about the places he creates, to know their story, which adds a new and unfamiliar nuance to the end result.

@paperboyo ∫ Rich McCor

@paperboyo ∫ Rich McCor

For example, he was surprised to learn that the legendary lions in Trafalgar Square were made from the guns of Spanish and French ships involved in the battle of the same name. Some things just further enrich the overall picture and add a touch of excitement. Rich McCour considers his hometown London a great place, a city with new and exciting opportunities that enriches and diversifies his style. But not only London is part of its landscape.


From Stockholm and Amsterdam to New York and Rio, McCour leaves his "paper print" everywhere in the world, last seen in Paris. Anyway, through his visualization, we see the world as an interesting idea.




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