The second edition of the "Embroidery Festival" in Beloslav will be held over two days - Saturday and Sunday, September 8 and 9. This year's motto is: "The cult of the mother and the vows of fertility." The festival provides a platform for a particularly colorful part of our life and tradition - embroidery. The focus will be on authentic embroidery and its contemporary interpretations with expression in various articles and products of handicrafts.

The festival is aimed at lovers and professionals in the field of bemusement. Individual and collective participation is possible through:

Presentation of authentic embroidery media (parts of media, or stored embroidery fragments). Of particular interest is the story of the carrier or the seamstress: Who and for whom was it made? Which region is it from? At what age is he?

Presentation of articles with modern interpretations of authentic sewing motifs (souvenirs, jewelry, accessories, clothing, etc.).

Activities and crafts that have a thematic connection with the elements and motifs used in the exercise (carpet, wickerwork, carving, painted pottery - pottery and other artistic crafts).

During the festival you will be able to see and enjoy a variety of activities, such as a brief thematic talk featuring prominent ethnographers, exhibitions, costume reviews, a variety of workshops, a concert section - folk songs and dances, entertaining sections for the most the small audience.

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