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Several villages in Slivnitsa are threatened by a project for a new coal mine

On October 3, between the villages of Radulovtsi, Aldomirovtsi, Bratushkovo and Barlozhnitsa will be held a "running" event for nature conservation in the area, starting at the dam "Bratushkovo". The pretty villages are located in the municipality of Slivnitsa, right next to Sofia, and have good conditions for agriculture, ecotourism, sports, recreation and life. However, a project for a new coal mine threatens the natural wealth, the purity of the air and the availability of water in the area.



The area is located less than 50 km from Sofia. People describe the area as a well-developed rural area. Unfortunately, today, when the whole world is on the threshold of its future beyond coal, this place is about to be transformed from a place with great potential into a new coal mine.



In August 2018, a company associated with Hristo Kovachki received the right to mine coal in the Aldomirov coal basin. The houses in the villages of Radulovtsi and Bratushkovo are only 300 meters from the future mine and there is no lack of dissatisfaction with it over the years. However, the signatures of the local population against the investment intention for coal mining did not yield results, and the objections of the Municipality of Slivnitsa remained ignored.

Photos: © Dennis Todorov

In the last two years, Greenpeace - Bulgaria and the Environmental Association "For the Earth" have stood behind people in the area who have been directly or indirectly affected from the disputed decisions in favor of companies from the circle "Blacksmiths". 


"That's how the idea of ​​running with a cause was born. We decided to use the wonderful natural resources of the area to organize an amateur run with a racing element. "Our cause is to 'outrun' the mine and the mining industry and to reveal the picturesque nature of the area, which has the potential for a better future than it is currently planned." - commented Meglena Antonova from Greenpeace - Bulgaria. 

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The routes cover agricultural land between the villages of Radulovtsi and Bratushkovo, as well as part of the road infrastructure of the village of Bratushkovo. There is an opportunity to participate in two different distances: for beginner runners - 3 km and for advanced - 12 km.
Registration takes place online so that organizers can provide ranking numbers and other individual materials for participants. The form is open for registrations until October 2 and can be found at this address:


The participation fee is charitable and the funds raised will be used for the cause. Admission is free for all other visitors.


Internationally recognized runner Kiril Nikolov - Diesel also supported the cause and will participate in the race.

Photos: © Dennis Todorov

The main focus of the event will be running, but in addition to it, additional activities are planned to reveal the potential of the area. 


Start / finish - at Bratushkovo dam
9:45 am - Official opening
10 am - Start of the run 
11 a.m. - Bird watching 
14 pm - Official closing and awarding
15 pm - Cleaning of the area


The organizers call on those involved in the event to help clean up the area after the program.           

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