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Not too long ago, countless mussels and rapans could be found on the seashore, the water was clear as in the Mediterranean, and the air smelled of the sea and carried the freshness of its eternity. Today, I see less and less mussels and rapans, less and less freshness I can smell with a breeze. Instead, the sea throws away: goggles, T-shirts, motor oil, plastic boxes, bags, construction materials and more.


Dolphins used to swim in the Black Sea. For years, the only dolphin I saw was dead, thrown ashore after a long wave of waves. The beach is littered with rubbish. Even the seagulls and glaruses refused to land, making way for tourists and their terrifying way to rest. If you think this is sad, you are wrong. It's criminal!


Although the illegal erection of hotels and private beach resorts is commented on the air every year and the question of "how long" of politicians and ministers is repeatedly raised, construction continues. Neither Natura 2000 nor the fact that the coasts are municipal property stops this process of environmental destruction at the expense of business. By destroying the nature to which we owe our existence, we metaphorically cut the branch on which we sit. But because the process is relatively slow, some people are reassured that by the time the branch falls, there will already be someone else, ie. they will not be affected.


In some resorts there is still no sewer. I should not be surprised - the elite metropolitan areas of Dragalevtsi and Boyana are also gone, and almost all wastewater is poured directly into the sea. From there they fall on the beaches, into our bodies, and the viruses that afflict tourists every summer become more severe and prolonged. And what is more frightening, the fecal water is mixed with the drinking water and drinking from the tap gets serious stomach problems. This is the case all over the Black Sea - there is no elemental hygiene.


Ahtopol's beaches, for example, have long been destroyed by establishments. They dump their rubbish directly into the sea, dirty rivers flow from the restaurants and flow into the salt water. At Dolphin Beach, a river takes the city's feces into the sea. And around the port, it's even worse. Ahtopol's beach, several kilometers away, has dozens of establishments that are serious pollutants of the beach and the sea.


And the real crime is the destruction of perhaps the last virgin beach, rented two years ago, which stands, like a flat, a big establishment. Due to lack of water supply, water is supplied with a plastic pipe illegally from abandoned bungalows. No one is impressed by the dirty water and any waste that goes into the sea.


On the signal of the two-year-olds, BTV, Nova TV and Bulgaria ON AIR are broadcasting directly from the venue. They prove that the signals are correct and that before our eyes the last virgin nature is destroyed, quite purposefully. And no institution has intervened effectively, despite the apparent lawlessness!


The Ahtopol case is not the only one. It is the same with other resorts along the Southern Black Sea coast. Kiten, Primorsko, Sozopol have been rebuilt and in the summer become metropolises, and there are plenty of places to sit on the beaches. Which is very surprising with the categorical statistics for a decreasing population.


Until November 10, Sunny Beach has three beaches with 110 thousand beds, along with bungalows. This figure has now been increased 10 times without a new infrastructure being built. There is practically no treatment plant on the Black Sea coast. And there is no control over waste and pollution on the coast. Not to mention the purification of the sea…


Photo: Sozopol / archive - “Bulgarka”

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Ten years ago, Greece was in a similar position and the beaches were heavily polluted. You can now see a coin at 10 meters deep in Thessaloniki. So it is not impossible to take action on pollution and environmental degradation.


But the case of the Black Sea can be fatal because it is an inland sea that cannot be purified alone. Fifty years ago, it was established that the flora of the Black Sea was almost destroyed. Many species of fish die and disappear. Black mussels and shrimps are practically gone, except in kennels. The dolphins are gone…


At the beginning of 1990, artist Petar Slabakov, chairman of Eco Glasnost, told the National Assembly that the Black Sea had been turned into a dump and if no treatment plants were installed and no strong controls put in place, the Black Sea would die.


What is the role of the EU at the moment? Does he not care what happens? One big eco-catastrophe!


Doesn't it impress him that the Black Sea is no longer healing, it is getting sick ?! Should this incredibly beautiful natural gift become a new Chernobyl? Where will the millions of tourists, Bulgarian and foreign, go then, after the sea is dead?…

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