Experimental, abstract shapes, bright, neon colors will envelop space for art and events "KO-OP" from 7 to 16 October as part of Miroslav Zhivkov's exhibition - Jingibi. Carrying the title "It's Okay", it is a kind of experiment - a game without conventions and predefined parameters. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience unique mono-prints without the possibility of reproduction, which makes each individual work unique. 


The process of working for Miro - Jingibi is a game in which he is absolutely free and only has the responsibility to stop at the right moment. A moment that sometimes only takes one stroke before the game ends with a flat surface. In other cases, she entraps and absorbs in her ever-different, colorful mazes and does not release until enough time, layers, and dozens of sieves are shared, before making sure she has nothing more to add and say with relief: "It's OK ". 

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The work of the author, in each of the individual works composing the exhibition, taught him to experiment without fear, knowing that then everything would be fine. Miroslav ignores the anatomy of the game and chooses not to work in circulation, but to create mono works without the possibility of reproduction. At the heart of the creative process is the experiment - from exploring the possibilities of the technique to fully blending with the process itself. 


The author's leading desire is for his works to influence the senses, to influence and to declare their presence instantly and categorically. Bright, neon, clean colors in some places increase the viewer's sensitivity, giving his eyes both a distance and his own experiences. His works lack specific themes, images or events. They are highly experimental, involving work with empty and abstract-shaped screens that the author creates intuitively and boldly. He works on several works at the same time, which extends the duration of the game in which he designs his absolute reality.

Miroslav Zhivkov works in the field of calligraphy, letters, abstract drawing and photography. He draws mainly in monochrome, constantly experimenting with different media, tools and graphic techniques - screen printing, cyanotype, letterpress, various techniques for monotyping. It mixes and collages calligraphy with abstract shapes that create intertwined compositions in which the viewer can be lost sensibly.


He is currently working on the creation of the NoPoint Atelier Art Residence, in the village of Balani, Gabrovo. There he envisaged exchanging between artists and creating an alternative place for creating and sharing art.


Fans of contemporary art will also be able to see the screen used to create the exhibition, as well as support the development of the Art Residence by purchasing unique monoprints or merchandise produced by the author in person.

The selection is complemented by films illustrating the theme of the Cinema at School festival. Among them is Jean Vigo's film Zero for Behavior and Jacques Rosier's The First School Day.


The documentary The Theo Formula by director Nikolay Vassilev will also be shown. Some of the questions the film raises are: "What is important for a good education?" And "Does a successful physicist need to know Hölderlin's poetry?" The tape provokes a broader discussion on "Access to quality education".


Another film from the selection, One Hundred Children on a Train, by director Ignacio Aguero, is a poetic story about a group of children from a poor neighborhood in Santiago, Chile. Every Saturday, the Church of Hermida turns into a movie theater, and children who have never gone to the movies make a movie after designing the devices that led to the invention of the Seventh Art.

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