We have all heard about wonderful places to the north, south, west and east of Sofia. Most of them require a car. If we can't or don't want to rely on one, we try out the following three fresh green escape ideas about an hour away.


The Golden Bridges
How: Electric Shared Bike to Sofia Urban Challenge
When: Every day from 09: 00 to 19: 00
How much: 10 BGN for 5 hours or 15 BGN for 10 hours


On July 14, 2018 launches Sofia's first shared electric bicycle system under the name Sofia Urban Challenge.
The initiative begins as a test pilot project within Vitosha Park. It is envisaged to expand it to the territory of Sofia and to connections with nearby settlements.


To try the electroped of the Bulgarian brand Eljoy and to walk to the Golden Bridges with it, we must first call 0885151928 and at the agreed time head to the National Museum of History (NIM), where the rental point is located. We must carry an ID card with which we identify ourselves and sign a rental agreement. The 10 electric bikes on the seat have large road tires (29 () and will pull us forward up to 25 km / h, which does not mean that we should not rely on personal and gravitational forces. The route is common to all vehicles, so for our safety there are rear-view mirrors, vests and helmets. We can also rely on spare tires and locking devices. Runway!


PS It is important to note that NIM provides users with access to their exposures at promotional prices.


The Golden Bridges / Aleko hut / Zheleznitsa village
How: By bus on the Green Line Vitosha 2018
When: Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays from 7 July to 24 September
How much: Free


The days go by fast, so we should not delay the opportunity to use the free bus routes for pedestrians and cyclists. The organizer of the initiative is Lidl Bulgaria and the project aims to limit car traffic to the mountain. The destinations are three, respectively the starting points. Pedestrians are transported to the Golden Bridges and can count on a return trip, and cyclists are taken to Aleko Chalet and the village of Zheleznitsa, where they have to descend by themselves. The full schedule is here.


If we are from the pedestrian group and happen to be late for departure from Vasil Levski Stadium at 09: 00 hours, we need to know that we have a backup plan. We are heading to the nearby Eagle Bridge stop to catch the 505 flight. Where will he take us to read below!


Vrana Park Museum
How to: Bus 505
When: Every Saturday and Sunday from 10: 00 to 16: 00 hours
How much: BGN 1 for a ticket + BGN 0 - 8 for entrance


Every "empty" day, the 505 bus is tasked with taking us through a marvelous cornfield, the path between the mammals which leads to the palace with the crow crow on the roof. His guards will ask us for some gold, but in return we walk through the gate to enter his well-kept and cool garden. We are waiting for the Crow Palace, the lily lake, the Daalem rock garden, and an impressive variety of 821 tree, shrub and herbaceous species. The experience is very suitable for large families, couples in love, as well as anyone who wants to dive into a fairy tale.


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