"Without Exit" is an adaptation of the play Closed Doors by the philosopher, writer and Nobel Prize-winner Jean-Paul Sartre.

Three strangers fall into Hell. Their pursuit of salvation confronts them with their own weaknesses and brings them to extremes. Hell is a place where life, character and existence are unthinkable unless there is a mirror that reflects us. The corrective is the others.



The performance is a provocation for the pursuit of goals, the path to them, and the awareness of responsibility in life. Sentence is the freedom we live in, but we do not take advantage of.

The illusion that we are deprived of the right to choose becomes a major problem for the modern man. We are thirsty for an alternative in every aspect of our lives - in the work we do, in the society we live in, and even in the art we can touch. The question arises: do we really look for it, or do we feel more comfortable accepting what is offered to us - without taking responsibility ourselves. We murmur against decisions that impose us, but we do not have our own.

The team of the Other Line Theater invites you to the performance "No Way Out" based on the play "In Closed" by Jean-Paul Sartre.

Upcoming dates are the 2nd and 10th of November from 19:30. The show is played in the Red Hall of the Red House Center for Culture and Debate.

Jean-Paul Sartre f one of the founders of the philosophy of existentialism. He is mediums the most brilliant Western European intellectuals of the last century. "Man is condemned to be free!" Is one of his leading maxims. He shares the idea that human life is possible if you choose what to be yourself. An original and deep thinker, he combines his creativity with the rich in society-political activity. Through his numerous works he proves that the struggle is in the self-consciousness of human activity, therefore it is an opportunity.

In the 1944 year, Jean-Paul Sartre wrote the play "Inside," in which he said "Аdut - these are the others ". In the course of 1964, he refused to accept the Nobel Prize for Literature, given to him by the Nobel Committee, for his belief that "a writer should not become an institution."


Director: Darius Chavdarov

Translation: Maria Koeva

Set design and costumes: Rositsa Grancharova

Technical implementation: Peter Sapundzhiev

Photographer: Tanya Decheva

With the participation of: Radoslav Vladimirov, Martina Krasteva, Nadia Keranova

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