Born in London in 1928, she began working as a model in the early 1950s. She now works for as many diverse brands as Vans, Dolce & Gabbana and Olay. He regularly reminds Vogue readers that age can be modern and fresh. "I hate all those red carpet strapless dresses! This is not good, it is not right, it is better to stand naked! I want to look elegant! "Says Daphne.
Here she shares some of the secrets of this aging beauty:

1) Get old naturally

I've never had Botox or cosmetic surgery. Why? It's so expensive, then you can't move your face, and I love to do facials!

2) Give your gray hair a chance to shine

I haven't dyed my hair for years. I wash it once a week and keep it long, although I often carry it up. I'm not a hairdresser. When she gets a little more casual and long, I just tie her in the tail and click the ends. I prefer to spend my money on theater.

3) Cleans, tones and moisturizes my skin

I do not use expensive face creams. Nivea and Boots are the brands I like, but what I always do is use rose water. Your skin mainly reflects what you drink and eat. I definitely drink a lot of water.

4) Share your food with a friend

I love my food, but I eat healthy, in small portions and often. When I go to a restaurant, I share the main course or ask for a baby portion. I don't keep packaged products at home and eat a lot of raw food.

5) Do the housework yourself

It is the best exercise. And although I'm a little squeaky at the moment, I still work in the garden. Plus morning exercise. I love walking and Pilates very much. Sometimes I even get on my old bicycle ergometer.

6) Find the positive

You will not be beautiful if you are constantly angry. We all have ups and downs. For example, I have glaucoma, but the eye drops I use have made my eyelashes longer. There is always a reason to look at situations from their bright side.

7) Be curious

It makes your brain tight and gives a shine to your eyes.

8) Don't stop doing exercises

I do my own version of yoga every morning, a combination of yoga and ballet. This keeps me flexible.

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