"Yavorov is a great feeling. Everything is natural and primal to him, and his vital energy is not expressed as a conscious, enlightened will, but as an organic desire, to which he obeys unhindered. "- says Peyan Yavorov's close friend, Boyan Penev, in his diary.

Yavorov is the type of person to whom no one is indifferent. It conquers more than one woman's heart, earns close friends and sworn enemies. However, he often feels lonely, rejected, misunderstood: a true mystery to the captivated by his personality and his creativity. It is no coincidence that in his essay on Yavorov, Nikolay Liliev will write: “To understand Yavorov is our duty. If we understand it, we will love it. He will reveal many secrets to us and through the ocean of his suffering will lead us to a new heaven. "

Yavorov constantly wanders in search of the ingenious. In 1911, Todor N. Karavanevski will confess:

"Listen, Todore, poetry has never pleased my soul. I yearn for something big - a fight in which to throw myself with my whole being and, if necessary, burn it. You know, there are times when the poetry I give seems to me to be insignificant, unnecessary to anyone.
"What are you talking about," I said. - Your poetry is a pride for our country, a pearl in our poor literature, and you call it naughty!
Yavorov answered me nothing. We were both silent for a long time. When we parted, he shook my hand and said,
"Yet a great struggle is in my heart!"

Given Yavor's biography, it's not hard to figure out what this great fight is to his heart. In another interview with Karavanevski, he shares:

"When Macedonia is liberated, I will go there to live, and I will give my creativity to it."

During the Balkan War, Peyo was in Serres. He meets with Paisii Rilski: “A band and a revolver, a crooked hat, a tuft of black hair coming out of his short manlihera, with gleaming big, black eyes, Peyo was a real leader! His first words were:
- Finally, Father, freedom has come! Why isn't Gotse alive, how happy he would be! Poor Gotse, how he longed to see Macedonia free! "

Yavorov has maintained close contacts with all prominent fighters for the freedom of Macedonia at various times in his life - Gotse Delchev, Yane Sandanski, Todor Alexandrov. His passionate nature seeks poetry all around you: what greater poetry than that, to surrender from the soul to a beautiful ideal. Until 1903, its ideal was named Macedonia.

Then Mina enters his life.

Mina Todorova is the child with "two beautiful eyes", the "sorceress" with hair "like the twilight veil of late evening", which made the most tender strings sound in Yavorov's soul and the poet sang for her the most awe-inspiring hymns of love, purity, youth and innocence. ”(Milka Markovska). Vladimir Vassilev, very close to the poet, will note: "Before this" child ", as he calls him in his songs, his soul turns into a silver string - longing and sobbing to merge somewhere in the" star "heights… And maybe because it was so unearthly, this love could not be realized.

Mina Todorova's baptized name is Maria, but her loved ones call her Minka. She was born on 4 on July 1890 in Elena. Her father, Yurdan Todorov, is a city leader who also participated in the political life of the country, and her brother is Petko Todorov - one of the four in the Thought Circle (Dr. Kr. Krastev, PP Slaveikov, PK Yavorov ). Peyo and I meet at her brother's home on 25 March 1906, the Annunciation, when she is gone, and 16. The meeting will remain a memorable one for Yavorov, later he will describe it:

"It was the day of the Annunciation. I called it good news in my life. And she delighted my eyes, like a lily in a field in May, covered with flowers, like a lily, no whiter than snow, taller than the others, but bowed its fragrant head…
She delighted my eyes and intoxicated my soul…

Inspired by meeting her, Yavorov wrote the Annunciation poem that very day:

“A cool angel wing whiff,
about an angel, about a child,
marshmallow breeze from angelic wing
in the midst of the heat, my forehead is covered;
I have lost a gentle dream… "

The two began to maintain regular correspondence. Captivated by Mina, Yavorov works feverishly. Under his pen come out: "Two beautiful eyes", "Witch", "Dream", "Come"… Mina is fascinated by "Two beautiful eyes".

Raina Todorova recalls: "She read me Yavorov's poems Two Beautiful Eyes in the Evening. She reads them with enthusiasm and was pleased that he was paying such attention to her and that she inspired him to write such beautiful poems. "

Later, Yavorov will tell in a poll to Mikhail Arnaudov: "Hey, those eyes are real to me. I was trembling for them, I was worried ли Do I know? At one point, two eyes, two coals stick to your soul and steam or freeze; or, if there are two stars, they make your soul light. It makes a mood. You are looking for the word for your visions… "

And later in his poetry diary, after Mina's death, he will write: "And here I remember nothing more than these two pretty eyes in which my eyes were drowning, and these two small hands that were melting in my hands .
And nothing else.
When I looked at her, I only looked at her eyes, which filled me with the warmth of the May sun. "

Despite the letters and the lovely verses, Mina's family is against their relationship. Mina will express her hesitations and worries in a letter: "Everyone here is ill-disposed against you. I don't know… I can't explain many things, I just wander here and there. I can't figure out what's going to come out of all this. I am so young, and you are a poet ”(Mina's letter to Peyo, September 29, 1906)

Yavorov will respond to this with his poem The Opal Ring:

"Your dream is an enchanted slave
to my soul calling you;
you will come at the end of the world desert,
hence the barrier chasms, the peaks.

Crystal clear, like blue heights,
they found you sleeping thirsty dreams, -
in the dream of your sixteen years
your soul coveted and abducted you.

Abysses, peaks, unknown spaces
your dream is flying - flowing into a dream -
and I hear, in the night of dark misery,
the pre-dawn rescue bell.

You will come, the dawn of innocence,
in the garb of his fragrant garb
and it will be the last confession hour,
glow in a magic dream.

My soul will sprinkle pearls on you,
that you will be a rose, I will be May.
And we will burn carried away in our sleep -
and by the smoke of heaven we shall find an end. "

In an October 11 letter, he will add:

"And if you were before me and asked me the same question, I would have pressed you to my heart and would have told you thousands and millions of times that you are mine and you will be mine - in this world and in the world!"

Mina's involvement is tragic. She left this world cut by tuberculosis only twenty years old. The two fates of Peyo and I are individually tragic, no less tragic than their impossible love. Milka Markovska will rightly point out to Mina: "Having not lived her young life, she continues to live her fading youth today in the immortal works of the great poet who has forever interwoven his name with his."

A good assessment of Yavorov, later after his death, will be made by Mina's brother, in a letter to Dr. Krastev:

"And now those beautiful days we have spent together have risen before my eyes, and I see him, the poor one - with his tender feelings, with his true and honest soul, trying to arrange his life according to them and how some damn instinct from within he paralyzes all his impulses and does the exact opposite of what he wanted and what he wanted. "

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