"Tishinavtika" is the title of a series of sensory concerts created as a co-production between the Institute for the Study of Silence and the Theater of Senses - Sofia. The sensory concert is a new genre, blending theater and music into an unusual experience. This is a concert with a theatrical vestibule, a concert with a unique, instant, deep music, and an audience that goes through a preliminary sensory theatrical journey in order to quiet, sharpen their senses and immerse themselves in a subtle dimension before meeting with The silence. The sensory concerts have a theatrical element, they engage the audience in history, in experience, and make it an accomplice of a work of art that arises HERE and NOW.

"TIŠINAVTICA" is a science - an art that explores Silence literally. It is enough to abandon the use of words and limit your vision for some time, so that your other senses can begin to draw the contours of an unsuspected reality. A reality that shrinks or stretches the time-space in which visions, intuitions, and insights are born. Reality goes beyond the perception of the senses, limited only by the limits of your imagination.

The musical formation is involved in the TIŠINAVTICA project Shamani TRIO - the virtuoso Roma violinist Ventsi Takev, the world beat boxing champion Skiller and the music experimenter Balkan Scientist. Their music is hypnotic, current, neo - traditional, eclectic ... "shamanic". Music - a journey with deep silence and empty space within.

The audience, who participates in this peculiar ritual, spends most of their time with their eyes closed, passing through the theatrical - sensory anteroom, which provokes all of her senses (sense of smell, taste, taste, hearing and sight) to slow down, to quiet down. and find a way that leads to Silence. A sensory concert, beyond verbal communication, in which the body is left to rest and the mind takes on the waves of sounds that take it away…

BEGINNING: 19 hours
LOCATION: Museum of Contemporary Art - Sofia Arsenal (Cherni Vrah Blvd. 2)
Duration: 1 hours and 15 min.

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