Our diplomatic mission in Paris (1 Avenue Rapp, 75007 Paris) will host one of the most shocking performances of the last year. Directed by Casiel Noah Asher and Theater 199, written by our great poet Valeri Petrov, the play "Theater, my love" will be presented to the Bulgarian audience in Paris. There are several reasons for this to happen and for the spotlights to illuminate the actresses taking over the stage, but we will find out about this from the organizers Ivo Zhelev and Adriana Teofanova. We will also find out what the spirit of this play really is by asking the actresses themselves, and all the spectators in Paris will be able to ask more questions at the specially organized open meeting after the performance. 

Hello, Ivo and Adi! First, we want to congratulate you on your successful campaign, the result of which is the presentation of the show The Theater, My Love, in Paris on 1 July. Can you tell what the motive is for you to show this work to the Bulgarian audience in one of the most cultural centers in the world and why you chose it?

Adriana and I chose this show after watching it on December 26 in Sofia, during the annual holiday return to our loved ones in Bulgaria. In the hall of "Theater 199" and the day after Christmas we realized that we have one thing in common with the team of the show - the common love for the theater. This love is shared by everyone: from the author of the play to the technical services of the theater. Without such an attitude, theater is unthinkable. We chose to support this show and organize its visit here because it is special. Because actresses have something to say to the audience - in a confused time, on issues that are important, in a time when it is very difficult to adjust priorities with your feelings. We chose this show because it is built in a common language for us. One language - reduced and, unfortunately, has recently been lost by the official media, where it belongs. Not to mention that it has long been missing from our daily virtual communication.

This is the Bulgarian literary language!

We want to show and remind that our native language is melodic and poetic. The text by Valeri Petrov was written in 1981, especially for the great actresses Tanya Masalitinova and Slavka Slavova. Time is proof of its durability. Yes! As members of a multicultural Europe, we can say that it is not the only language we can communicate in, but it is the only language we speak best. In this language we are not guests, we are hosts. Unfortunately, our significant theatrical achievements cannot easily cross national borders, be it due to different cultural contexts or technical and financial constraints. We accepted the challenge, however, because it is worth it and because we know that we have a common theme with the audience that affects us all. This is the multifaceted theme of love - love for the people closest to you and love for what you do. We are organizing this show for something else. We want to remind you that Bulgarians are a rich people. Contrary to expectations, this wealth does not come from politics, nor will it come with our better developed economy. Our wealth comes from the most underestimated place - culture. To turn the scales in our favor, we organize an event that will be a celebration for all of us and our guests.

Is there anything in particular that you have prepared for your guests? 

Yes! Everyone liked our page at Facebook will receive an invitation to attend the show freely, until they fill the seats available around 100. 
Those who wish can book our e-mail, created specifically for this purpose: theatremonamour@outlook.com.
Also, after the performance, depending on the number of guests, we plan an open meeting the next day, where the audience will be able to personally ask questions to the actresses. We will broadcast excerpts from movies in which our charming ladies participate. Their screen experience is great, and the number of their screen appearances is respectful. In this way we will create a friendly and informal atmosphere that will predispose our guests to conversation. We will learn first hand what it is like to be a film actor and what are the challenges of the screen profession, which the best cope with and receive public recognition.
 My Love Theater

There are things that are only understood in theater. That was exactly the idea of ​​Valery Petrov when he wrote this revelation in poem form. Shows readers and viewers how through the prism of different characters and sincere human relationships, people complement and understand each other. In this case, 4 is a different incarnation of the Actress. This experiment can only be presented to us in height by actresses who have complete trust, are closer to relatives and have known each other for decades. Such is the case with Casiel Noah Asher, Krassimira Kuzmanova, Lilia Maravilla and Stefka Yanorova. The magic between them is not accidental - they have known each other since their student years (from the class of Krikor Azaryan) and continue their contacts off stage. Here are our questions to them, but the real ones that will introduce you to the world of love and theater.

Cassiel, why did this playwright impress you to present it on the occasion of the 50 years of "199 Theater"? What in the story would touch people the most while watching it?

Kasiel Noah Asher

"Theater, my love!" Was written by the unforgettable Valeri Petrov based on real events in the acting life of two exceptional women, Tanya Masalitinova and Slavka Slavova. The show has been performed for over 10 years in crowded halls and has been a huge success. Mythical, cult performance! On the other hand, for many years I dreamed of putting this text because it explodes the senses with sincerity, ruthless romance, uncompromising openness and at the same time a high sense of humor and self-irony. Somehow the very style of Valeri Petrov is always modern and suitable for aerobatics in acting and improvisation. Here is this extreme challenge, to tell at the same time about the lower and sacred nature of the Artist, provoked me to realize it… And not with anyone, but with girls, fellow students, friends, competition, with whom I made the first steps in this great profession. … This was a difficult choice for me, in which the danger of pitfalls was huge… However, this kind of intimacy implies a great knowledge of each other, which is not always pleasant… But thank God, trust, ethics, inspiration of each of we - challenged by the other three - prevailed and now we participate in a huge, mutual pleasure on stage. An important role for the realization of "Theater, my love!" Has the director of "Theater 199" - Anna Monova, as well as our entire loyal technical team there. For which I thank them from the bottom of my heart! We gave each other something like a fateful gift in the middle of our acting career…

~ Director and adaptation / Casiel Noah Asher


My Love Theater

Lilia Maravilla









What is the image of your role and what would you emphasize in it? 

"My image is a compilation of several characters. There are many from Lilia Maravilla, there are stolen touches from my colleagues I admire and those I don't want to look like. But what I want to emphasize is that the heart in this profession is the most important organ. Everything goes through it, gathers in the mind and is reflected in the eyes! We are blessed actors. "
~ Lilia Maravilla
Krasimira Kuzmanova

Krasimira Kuzmanova

What is it like for you to be on stage together? 

"It's so nice to be on stage with partners you speak in a language that is so powerful, yet fragile, vulnerable, but most of all, they know why they go on stage and honestly fight for their place there."


~ Krasimira Kuzmanova 

Stefka Yanorova

Is it possible to describe in one word the vibration of this performance?


~ Stefka Yanorova


Ceremony Icarus 2016 Photo: Bobby Toshev

Icarus Ceremony 2016 photo: Bobi Toshev

  • KASIEL NOA ASHER, KRASIMIR KUZMANOVA, LILY MARAVILYA, STEFKA YANOROVA - Award for Female Role at the National Festival of Small Theater Forms - Vratsa 2016
  • KRASIMIRA SERAFIMOVA - Award for the Stage Environment at the National Festival of Small Theater Forms - Vratsa 2016
  • KASIEL NOA ASHER, KRASIMIR KUZMANOVA, LILY MARAVILYA, STEFKA YANOROVA - Award for Female Role at the International Festival of Drum Theater Feasts - New Bulgarian Drama - Shumen 2016
  • KASIEL NOA ASHER, KRASIMIR KUZMANOVA, LILY MARAVILYA, STEFKA YANOROVA - Icarus Award 2016, for supporting female role;
  • EMILIAN GATSOV - Icarus 2016 nomination for music.

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