Public events program (1's - 4's September) presenting residency results includes workshops with American artist Caron Little and performance by writer and artist Virginia Zacharieva ("9 Rabbits", PS Magazine, 1999 - 2001)


According for the third consecutive year, Bulgarian and foreign creative minds will exchange experiences at Water Tower Creative Residence 2019, 23.08 - 04.09.2019. Organized by NAME Association, the purpose of the Sofia residency with a mentoring program is to combine progressive creative social strategies with their implementation in a local context. It is also a chance for exchanges between recognized art professionals and beginners to build a wider network of connections.


Following the world-class formats for temporary creative downtime, Water Tower Creative Residence 3 envisages the participants to be fully immersed in the local environment and to develop their site-specific work according to their pre-selected Sofia locations. The results will be presented in a public events program, between 1 and 4 September. The places and partners this year who will present the projects developed within the framework of TRNC №3 are the capital city One More Gallery and the former TPP G. M. Dimitrov. "


Participants will also be provided with mentoring support, in the face of three leading names in American art circles: Sarah Reisman, Executive and Artistic Director of the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation, Carl Little, Artist and Researcher, и Rachel Rafael Gugelberger, curator, director of the NLE Lab, and co-founder of 1 @ 111. The active mentoring program included this year will allow the participants in the residency to test and develop their ideas to the maximum extent, under the mentorship and ongoing dialogue by the mentors, giving the necessary feedback during the creative work process. 

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The guest mentors will also have meetings with the Sofia audience. During 28's - 30's August Karon Little will be running 3-hour workshops, entitled "Ecology of Care", which aims to create units that support diversity in creative environments. The focus will be the exchange of "gifts" that act transformatively to the participants, be it a poem or a sculpture. For the Sofia edition, the study will focus on the ecology of care, resorting to the means and principles of speech, action and play, as defined by the German philosopher Hannah Arendt. In this way, the workshops will include identification, active listening and vocal techniques such as authorization tools.


Participation in these sessions is open to anyone, on a pre-enrollment and prepaid basis, and the workshop results will be presented in the closing performance of 30 on August. On September 2, Caron, Sarah and Rachel will export public lecture on the topic "Good practices and experience in social development through creative methods" в SofiaLab, to host the event Sofia Development Association. Event start time 09: 00 hours


9s the participants in the residency were selected by an international jury based on an open invitation to participate announced by the NAME Association in April. The Bulgarian participants are: Maria Tsaneva, a draft proposal for installation and operation of an urban environment, a focus architectural ensemble of sports facilities in the Geo Milev Quarter: Festival Hall (Asiks Arena), Academic Stadium and the unfinished sports hall of Sofia University; Svetli Evgeniev, project proposal for installation, video + sculpture; Maria Valterova, draft proposal for street performances; Ivelina Ivanova, a draft proposal for an audio-visual installation on the Northern Black Sea and environmental threats; and special participation of Virginia Zaharieva, writer / journalist / artist.


Foreign participants are: Ana Vujic (Serbia / Switzerland), draft proposal for large-scale drawings and photographs, Haruka Tomatsu (Japan), proposal for solo performance + installation, around the principles of "Zen Mondo" (in Japanese: 問答, Mondo: "questions and answers"; a recorded collection of dialogues between a student and a Zen Buddhist teacher); Sarah Kazmi (Pakistan / Norway), a draft proposal for a performance based on collective readings and walks around Sofia; Uluh Ali Kulach (Turkey), a draft proposal for a multimedia installation, using collected plastic waste and converting it into "paintings", a "stained glass" technique. All participants will develop their project proposals on site, which leaves the end result as a surprise until the last day. 


About Water Tower Art Residency (WTAR)


The Water Tower Art Residency is a new, stand-alone chapter, but a natural extension to the book of the NAME and the Water Tower Art Fest - whose original format ended in 2016, with the anniversary 10 edition of the festival, featuring over 80 contemporary art offerings - site-specific painting, sculpture, video and photo projections, installations, performances - from over 10 European countries, as well as from Brazil, Canada, the US and Japan.


Based on years of experience and a network of participants and partners, the essence of Water Tower Creative Residence is to continue the set tone and tradition: the artistic development of artists and their audiences, and the creation of works in a specific context at a specific location (or .nar., site-specific art).


About the NAME Association


The NAME Association was formed in 2004, by a group of artists, with the aim of refining significant buildings and turning them into artistic residences. The first such building is the aforementioned water tower in Lozenets Quarter, where with the combined efforts of a very practical nature, such as cleaning the garden around the tower in 2006, to see all its beauty, comes the recognition of the overall design project at the Contemporary Arts Festival in Alternative Spaces. The Water Tower Art Fest initiative is included in the map of significant cultural events in Sofia and Europe, and from a small local initiative has grown into a spiritual hub for many.


Over the years, Water Tower Art Fest has evolved into the largest international platform for the exchange of ideas and art in Bulgaria, attracting more than 600 artists working in the field of socially engaged art from around the world. The buildings that NAME has discovered, integrated and used over the years are many and each of them represents the unique cultural identity of Sofia. In 2016, the initiative celebrated its 10 anniversary.


In July 2017, the NAME Association held the first site-specific residence in Bulgaria. Thus, it brings together contemporary artists from Japan, Ukraine, China, Serbia, Australia and the United Kingdom, whose projects are conceived and implemented within their one-week stay, according to the specifics of the two partner locations - Poduyane Refrigeration Depot and Iskar, Sofia. ". Currently, Water Tower Creative Residence has two successful editions.

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