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Cows have different characters, just like dogs, cats and humans. Some are smart, others are learning slower. Some are bold and adventurous, others are shy and shy. Some are friendly and considerate, while others are dishonest and love to command.


According to various studies, cows are intelligent animals with extremely long memory. Scientists looking at cow behavior have found that they develop complex social relationships with each other. For example, befriend or anger other cows if they are treated poorly.


The "gentle giants" mourn the death, or even separation, of those to which they are attached, with scientists often seeing even shed tears. The connection between the calf and the mother is extremely strong. This explains the myriad of many reports of cows "screaming" and searching for their small ones after they are separated from them and sent to local slaughterhouses or sold to other farms.

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Other curious facts that scientists have found after years of observing and studying this animal species clearly indicate that cows have a clear understanding of cause and effect. This is an 100% signal that their brain has developed advanced cognitive abilities. For example, researchers have been able to teach cows to quench their thirst by pressing a specific handle, which in turn triggers running water. In the same way, the cows also learn what the "magic" button is that supplies their food. Even more interesting is that cows seem to enjoy the process of learning and finding solutions. It turns out that their cows have their “aha” moment and are excited when they find a solution to something, even some of them gently jump for joy.


In a herd, cows develop complex social dynamics. Each cow can recognize around the 100 other cows and differentiate between them in the herd.

photo: Annie Spratt @unsplash

The herd has its Alpha Cow, or in other words, the leader cow. The leader is selected from other cows on the basis of pronounced social strengths, such as intelligence that shows curiosity, experience and developed self-confidence. Perhaps contrary to anyone's expectations, cows do not tolerate selfishness and display of superiority in the group. For cows, size and strength do not matter for their leadership skills.


Growing cows in an unnatural environment, such as crowded industrial farms, has a detrimental effect on cows. Because, apart from a number of other things, their natural hierarchy is also destroyed. This in turn leads to stressful situations and conflicts between animals that would never happen in their natural environment.

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