George Lucas (Star Wars) chose the city where his long-formulated idea for storytelling museum will find a home. Long negotiations with the leadership of Chicago and San Francisco set off the choice of the creator of Star Wars right in Los Angeles. The city will receive more than 10,000 items collected during George Lucas' 40-year career. The museum will open doors to the boundless world of modern visual art and give people the opportunity to immerse themselves in it.

The unique design of the building by Chinese architect Ma Yangsong is a true urban art and no doubt Los Angeles residents will be proud of such a project in their city. In addition to places for recreation and dreams, the museum will house a gallery with many souvenirs from the Star Wars series, a library, large conference halls for education and seminars, rooms for visual technologies and practices. Paintings by Edgar Degas, Winslow Homer and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, installations, cinematographic objects, comics and new digital innovations will capture the imagination of people interested in art.

Lucas's team said that due to the city's more than 100 schools, 3 major world-class museums and the University of Southern California, Exposition Park is the perfect location for this futuristic building. The cultural and educational image in this part of the city predisposes to the new museum and will definitely be in place. The cost of the project is more than 1 billion dollars and will be fully funded by the world-famous director, without spending a penny from taxpayers. The mayor of Los Angeles called the Lucas Museum "the greatest gift to society in American history."

Much remains to be learned about the storytelling museum as it will open only in 2021, but one thing is clear - the museum will be like no other legal one so far.

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