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"Skinny-fat" - a weak but fat and shapeless figure ... Sounds like an oxymoron ?! But in fact, many people nowadays have one, and almost none of them knows exactly how to proceed…


If you are one of them, you probably know what I'm talking about: How to burn fat after you are already weak? And at the same time, how to accumulate muscle masswithout getting too greasy in the process? In this article you will find the answers!


What exactly is a skinny-fat build?


How are you being so weak, so oily? The explanation is simple: Your body has insufficient muscle mass and, at the same time, an excess of subcutaneous fat.


In other words, whether or not you fall into this category depends on the composition of your body - how much of your weight consists of lean muscle mass and how much subcutaneous fat. So just keeping an eye on healthy weight is not always enough.


Even at a healthy weight, many people still look loose and in bad shape. The problem with them is not so much the excess fat but the lack of muscle mass that will shape the figure and help them look good.


And this applies with full force especially to ladies. They are often obsessed with losing weight and a weak figure, while fearing the build-up of muscle mass so they don't "look like men."


Even if the weight is healthy and the percentage of subcutaneous fat is normal, lack of enough muscle mass means a lean and shapeless body… which no one wants.


How to get the Skinny-fat figure and how to avoid it?


Relatively easy, unfortunately…


  1. Insufficient calorie intake


The greatest danger of developing a "skin-fat" figure is threatening people who are trying to lose weight.


The first problem is that many of them resort to fast but harmful ones diets behind weight loss.  They rely on a huge calorie deficit (much less accepted) calories(rather than being burned) and thus depleting the body, slowing down metabolism, promoting the burning of less fat than lean muscle mass, and giving only temporary results.


Yes, pounds lose weight fast. But they are removed from discarded fluids and burned muscle mass. Not particularly fat. And the effect goes away just as fast as it comes. Stagnation then causes people to further reduce their caloric intake or increase their cardio and the problem gets worse. The result is skinny fat.


  1. Excess cardio (aerobic) activities


The second mistake that helps to develop this figure is the excess of cardio that I often talk about on the blog. The truth is that when it comes to building a tight, beautiful figure, cardio is far less important than proper nutrition and strength training.


That doesn't mean it's useless! When done in moderation and at the right time, cardio training can really help burn excess fat. But in no case should you rely solely on it!


On the contrary, you have to be careful about the length and intensity of your cardio sessions if you want to maintain your muscles as you lose weight.


Yes, cardio burns a lot of calories, but don't bother with metabolism in the long run as strength training does! With cardio, you burn fat while doing it. With strength training, you burn more fat for hours and days after they finish, even just sitting and resting on the couch.


So, in general, 20 - 30 minutes of cardio, 3 - 4 days a week are quite sufficient to supplement your diet and exercise program.

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  1. Lack of physical exertion


The third major mistake that contributes to the development of a skinny fat figure is the lack of strength training in the training mode. The same people who overdo cardio usually do it at the expense of strength training. Others, as we have already learned, rely entirely on starvation, without thinking at all about physical activity.


But strength training not only develops the muscles and forms a beautiful figure - they also help burn fat. Yes, a strength training session may not burn as many calories as a high intensity cardio, but strength training does exist the so-called STKK effect - Post-workout oxygen consumption. This is exactly what I was talking about above, mentioning that after training, fat burns for hours, even days.


In other words, strength training speeds up your metabolism much more significantly and for a longer period of time. Thus, as you work to shape your muscles, you also help burn excess fat. And that's exactly what everyone in the definition of skinny-fat wants.


What is the right approach?


I have always recommended a slower but balanced approach to body shaping:


About nutrition - complete, varied diet and a more conservative calorie deficit (10-15% less than burned). You can calculate your calorie intake, along with your deficit, using calorie calculator.


Regarding physical activity: Always combine this regimen with intensive activity fitness program, combining strength and cardio workouts!


This approach helps to burn excess fat, as well as to preserve and build muscle mass in the body. After burning a layer of excess subcutaneous fat, it will shape and define it well so that you feel equally good in pants and shirt as well as in swimwear or underwear.


This is the approach I use when working with clients who want to work for recomposition - cleansing excess fat, while maintaining and even developing muscle mass. Yes, it's possible - with a good program and a lot of perseverance!


In conclusion…


If you fall into the "skin-fat" definition and wonder where to start with your change - a full-fledged diet and strength training are the right path to success.


  • Bet on Conservative 10-15% Calorie Deficiency!
  • Build a proper fitness program with at least 3-4 strength training per week!
  • For strength training - after them or in the morning on an empty stomach, you can add three to four 30-minute sessions of monotone cardio per week to your program!


This way you will be able to burn excess fat! At the same time, develop and train your muscles so that you can then go into muscle mass gain mode and build the body that you so long for!

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