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It's easy to control what's in yours dietwhen you eat at home, prepare your own food and have complete control over the portions of protein, carbohydrate and fat. But what happens if you have to eat out - because you're on a date with friends, because there's a lot of work and you don't have time to prepare your own food, or because you're celebrating a nice occasion?


In such cases, many people lend themselves to tempting suggestions in the establishments. From eating out of regime, things go on for a day or a week, and by the time they feel it, their regime is already gone, and progress with it is gradually melting away… Therefore, it is best not to let things get out of hand and even having to eat outside, to know how to make the best possible choice.


In this article I will give you 5 tips to help you:


Get informed about the place!


Before you even get to the venue, choose a good venue if possible. Fast food, Chinese restaurants and pastries are not a good choice. Head to a restaurant that offers menus close to your menu (grilled and roasted meals, seafood, stewed, salads) to give you a wider choice of healthy foods.

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Fortunately, we live in the age of the internet and almost all good establishments have their own app or website. There you can easily see what they have to offer and see if they are right for you.


Choose fast and smart!


When and how you order your food can also be important. If you're going to eat it yourself, take a look at the restaurant's offerings in advance and choose a menu to order directly when you get there. This way, you will be mentally prepared to make healthy food choices instead of being tempted when you sit down at a table and take in the delights offered there.


And if you are with a company when the waiter comes, try to order first. If you slow down, your friends' orders can easily influence your choices and divert. When ordering first, the opposite is true. Your healthy choices and the fact that you are interested in the quality of your food and are careful about what you eat, will almost always affect the decisions of your friends, who may also choose something healthier.


Don't be shy to ask!


Even if you make the right choice for the restaurant, sometimes the menu options just don't exactly fit what you need for your serving. At such times - don't be afraid and ask your waiter for options!


In most cases, even if the establishment does not specifically offer chicken steak with a serving of stewed vegetables or lettuce without pre-dressing, if you ask and share your preferences, the waiter would not mind fulfilling the order with light adjustments - whether stewed instead fried garnish, or just less salt.


Skip the dessert!


Think about it! Do you really need it? Instead of eating a large portion of empty calories, and then trying to figure out where you need to cut back to compensate, it's better to just avoid them! Don't even look at desserts on the menu! Do not put your will to the test!


If you're eating it yourself after you're done with the essentials, just go on with your day or evening. And if you are with a company and the others have dessert, you can grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the company and conversation. Let the desserts stay for charging day or cheat meals (we eat whatever we want without counting calories).

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Homemade Easter cake

Homemade Easter cake

There are two ways to prepare this Easter cake. recipe: Nelly Chalakova Necessary products for the dough: 500 g flour300 ml. fresh milk (slightly warmed) 100 g butter (melted) 100 g sugar 3 pcs. eggs (yolk only) 7 g dry yeast (or 20 g fresh ...

Practical advice


So far, we have built a framework for thinking and thinking correctly when eating out. Now it's time for some more practical tips:


  • Stick to the water, avoid carbonated drinks! Carbonated water is an exception, you can diversify with it from time to time.
  • Avoid frying! (I know, surprisingly, right?!…). Instead, go for healthier options - boiled, roasted, stewed… The choice is rich.
  • No sauces and fillings! If possible, of course!… They often contain abundant sources of unhealthy fats, quite a bit of salt and surprisingly many calories. So if you can - avoid them! If you have opted for a particular dish that includes a fill, ask the waiter to have it served next to it or separately, and you decide for yourself if and how much you want to use.
  • Don't Excess Carbs! If you already have a carbohydrate (rice, potatoes) in your serving, you don't need to add bread to the main one. Slow down carbohydrates are useful but in moderation and, better, in a controlled environment. When eating out, it is good to be careful with them.
  • Be careful with alcohol! If the occasion requires a sip, you do not need to completely avoid alcohol, but it is advisable to limit it to a glass of beer (or wine) and also to avoid alcohol.
  • Eat slowly! Appetite and calorie intake are largely controlled by hunger hormones (ghrelin and leptin). These hormones signal to the brain that you are eating. The nutrients are absorbed, the appetite is reduced and you feel full. This process takes about 20 minutes. Fast food leads to overeating, swollen belly and many other problems…  

You don't have to eat everything! Fortunately or misfortune, many establishments are extremely generous in their portions, and we are taught by the little ones to eat everything in the dish ... However, it is not a good idea if you are on a regimen and have no control over the portion. You only need to eat as much as you need !!!

And to make the right choices when you prepare your meals at home and measure your portions, then also pay attention to how they look protein, carbohydrates and fats on your plate. Thus, when eating out and not being able to keep track of the weight, as a back-up option you can take out that hidden trump card - the visual reference for quantity.


But still - allow yourself to be wrong!


What do I mean? I'm sure that after reading the article, you already have the right information and the right attitude to make healthy decisions the next time you need to eat outside.


But we are all human beings and sometimes we make mistakes. However, if you forget what you wrote or for some reason do not keep it and blame it on your regime - forgive yourself! I mentioned it at the beginning of the article. I have worked with many people who allow a single diet out of the regime to completely subvert their motivation and refuse them. One meal will not ruin your efforts and progress so far! But self-blame and negative thinking can! So forgive yourself! Stay motivated and next time just prepare yourself a little better mentally! You will do it!


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