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In this article, I will answer one or two important questions, in my opinion, that we should not ignore while pursuing our goal:


  • How many days off to include our weekly fitness program?
  • What measures should we take to ensure that you can recover fully between workouts?


A common mistake for newcomers to the gym, and for some more experienced athletes, is to train too hard and too often. At first glance, this does not seem to be much of a problem. But overtraining can definitely affect your health, and this cannot be ignored. In addition, the fact that you do not give your body the time it needs to rest can prevent you from sticking to your normal fitness habits, as you will feel weak and have a long fever and may injure yourself.


How many days off can we give ourselves?


The number of non-training days per week depends mainly on how intensively you train and how much experience you have in the gym. In short, a good rule of thumb is not to train a muscle group again until the muscle fever from the previous workout for it has passed. For example, if your tummy hurts abdominal exercisesthat you did yesterday, you should not load it today or in the days to come until the muscle fever has passed.


That doesn't mean you need a full non-workout day. You will just focus on another muscle group. Balanced workouts with a focus on different muscle groups on different days of the week allow you to train with fewer days off. But even then, your body needs at least 2 non-training days to rest.


In addition, you can take better recovery measures even after the workout itself - by including Stretching to your fitness regimen. It helps the muscles to relieve themselves from the accumulated tension more easily and facilitates their recovery while reducing the likelihood of muscle fever.

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Which supplements help with recovery?


Apart from rest, you can also help your body recover fully with some nutritional supplements to include in your regimen.


Chain Branched Amino Acids (BCAA) “For decades now BCAA supplements are among the most popular in the market, and the benefits of taking them are numerous. BCAAs help with recovery, aiding and enhancing muscle tissue synthesis, improving the recovery time of muscle micro-tears, resulting from intense workouts, and giving a sense of cheerfulness and increased concentration.


Whey Protein - well known to all Whey Protein also helps in faster recovery. It is a great way to quickly recharge with a dose of quality protein, the body's basic building block.


What is active rest and active recovery?


Even when you are resting, you don't need to lie on the couch all day (not that you can't). However, light physical activity during rest will help you develop your ability to maintain your weight and fitness level in general, as well as improve your health and mood. If you decide to move in the weekend, your workload should not give you additional fatigue or muscle fever. You can go for a walk, go for a swim and so on, but not intensively and without over-exerting yourself.


What is overtraining and what are its symptoms?


If you do not allow enough time to rest in your fitness program, there is a risk of overtraining. This has negative health effects and traumas that can otherwise be avoided. The best option is to pay attention to your body if you feel tired and fatigued. Give yourself time to rest - it does not mean that you are struggling with exercise or failing.


The symptoms of overtraining can be varied and individual for each person, but some of them are:


  •  Depression;
  •  Loss of appetite;
  •  Slow recovery;
  •  Crumpets;
  •  Focus and concentration problems;
  •  Irregular menstruation in ladies;
  •  Muscle and joint pain;
  •  Changes in endurance and strength during training.


In conclusion


In a nutshell: If you feel slower, lift less than usual, and need more breaks between sets, this is a sign that you are exercising. It is time to take a break and take extra measures to improve your recovery - because it is as important to your development as it is to exercise during exercise.

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