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We are still in the cold season, and in the current situation, it is not unnecessary to be more cautious and do whatever it takes to strengthen your immunity. So in this article, we'll look at some helpful tips to boost your immunity and make it easier for you to get through a cold if you've already got one…


In this article you will find 3 quick but useful tips on healthy eating and exercise and how to handle them skillfully to increase your body's chances of dealing with the viruses.

  1. To train or not to train? This is the question…


Perhaps the first question most people ask me when they feel bad is: - "Kwhat can i do now? Should I train or rest until I recover?". In brief:


  • If the symptoms are up out of your neck - headache, stuffy nose, you can train your runny nose. Physical activity can even ease your condition. But it is also important to note that the load should be light to moderate. At such times, it's not time to look progressive load, but rather to maintain your form of workload that you are used to or even a little lighter!
  • If the symptoms are down the neck - fever, muscle pain, stomach discomfort, chills - you are unable to exercise. Doing so may worsen your condition.


However, it's a good idea not to diagnose yourself because you are very likely to make a mistake. Cold and flu symptoms often overlap, making them difficult to distinguish. And if, in a cold, training combined with adequate health care can lead to positive results, then the flu is far from the same.


And if you're wondering whether to train while quarantined at home or whether your workouts will help protect you from viruses before you catch them, the answer is definitely yes. Exercise will keep your body healthy, strong and vibrant, and will definitely help boost its immunity against viruses and colds. As you can see, in some cases they can even help to recover from them faster!

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2. Bet on healthy eating!


Big surprise, right? - Healthy eating keeps you healthy!… I know, I know, you know that! But still I will give a little more details! Namely - exactly what foods to emphasize to boost your immunity and fight the cold successfully!


You need to get enough Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc. In the links mentioned in the links and many others (some of which you will find below the article) these micronutrients have been shown to work extremely well against common cold, influenza and other respiratory diseases, directly supporting the immune system.


Of course, they are usually taken in the form of dietary supplements. And nutritional supplements are just that - supplements that supplement the diet and provide an easy way to get the right micronutrients and macronutrients if only the food does not provide them with sufficient amounts.


Therefore, in the first place you need to get a full and healthy eatingcontaining enough of everything. And yet - some studies show that the intake of vitamin c and zinc has been shown to shorten the recovery time from colds, so that in such cases, their additional intake in the form of supplements is not superfluous.

As for the food - useful sources of zinc are red meat, chicken, crustaceans ... Mostly animal sources. So vegetarians are definitely well advised to consider supplementing it as a dietary supplement.


For Vitamin C, fruits (especially citrus, kiwi and strawberries), tomatoes and vegetables such as peppers, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are useful sources of nutrition. Potatoes too, but in large quantities, which can be a problem for calorie intake if the goal is weight loss...


Vitamin D we know it as the "solar vitamin", so to get enough of it we have to absorb a good amount of sunlight. This is not always possible when you are locked up at home, quarantined, or due to illness, so taking it as a nutritional supplement is often necessary in such cases in order to avoid a deficit.


In addition to proper nutrition, we must not forget about good hydration - after all, our body is mainly composed of water and it is vital for the full and proper process in it. Therefore, in the period of colds and viruses, it is even more important to hydrate well, with more water and fluids in general - teas, soups, broth…

3. Wash your hands regularly!


Am I the first person to remind you lately, but you should remember to wash your hands not only regularly, but also very thoroughly and thoroughly.


It has long been proven that regular and thorough washing of hands, and in general, maintaining good personal hygiene, is one of the best physical barriers between us and respiratory illnesses.


I have news for you! Whether you are cleaning them with sanitary gel for 15 lv from the pharmacy or with a regular kitchen soap - there is no big difference! As long as you do not overwork and give yourself enough rubbing time before rinsing - soap will do a great job of removing germs from your hands.


But these diseases are also often transmitted by airborne droplets, so do not rely solely on clean hands to protect yourself. Protective masks are definitely something you should not neglect when going out in the current environment ...


In conclusion…


In the season of colds and viruses, we must, above all, be more disciplined and responsible - both to ourselves and to others.


Besides having to follow the instructions of the competent authorities to overcome the current situation and limit social contacts and going out - you can further help and secure yourself by following these, in my opinion, easy-to-follow tips:

  • Stay active but not overload!
  • Eat fully and healthy!
  • Maintain good personal hygiene and be cautious!


This will successfully strengthen your immunity and increase your chances of staying healthy and strong, despite the risky situation at the moment.

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